January Craft Show DIY Project: Decoupauged Vases

For this month’s Craft Show DIY Project, I decided to show you the unique jewelry busts I made. I’m planning on having a black table cloth at the craft show and didn’t want to use traditional busts because they might blend and are, uh, traditional. And I’m not. The trick was finding something that is very Me, economical, original, and won’t detract from the actual pieces.

So I decided to decoupage vases with pages from classic novels. Because I’m awesome like that.

For this project you will need Mod Podge, Scissors or an Xacto Knife (mine is hot pink! It was also pretty cheap, but I’m just cutting pages from a book), a paint brush, a book, a magazine, and, of course, a vase. Size and shape of the vase is entirely up to you. I bought mine at Pat Catan’s for $1.98 each. I needed something with a deep curve at the top since it needs to be similar to the curve of the neck. As for books, I went with The Great Gatsby, Lord of the Flies, and The Grapes of Wrath. All of the copies were found at my local thrift store and purchased for about $2.00 total.

First thing you want to do is set up the work space. I usually just spread out old magazine pages as the Mod Podge can drip if you aren’t careful and I don’t want the vase getting stuck to my table.

Use your scissors or xacto to cut up pages from your book. I do a mix of big and small pieces to help work around the round shape of the vase.

Next! Time to decoupage! I usually put a small spot of the stuff directly on the vase to help hold the piece of paper down then do a thin layer on top. Once I’m satisfied with one, I grab another piece and overlap it just a bit and once again brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over it. I rotate the paper cut outs into whatever position fits best for that spot, so some are right side up, some are upside down, sideways, etc.

Some of the corners may be stubborn about laying flat on the vase because of weird angles and curves, but I can usually just overlap another piece to help.

After your whole vase is covered (I don’t bother doing the bottom) let it sit out and dry overnight. Don’t worry about the white drops, the glue dries clear.

Because it’s decopauged on the outside, you can still fill it with water and use it as a vase. You could maybe even use it as a sweet candle hurricane and the light would shine through the pages. Or if you’re a crafter like me, it’s cheap, easy, and original jewelry bust.

What do you think? Would this make you take a closer look at the jewelry I’ll have on sale?

Next month’s Craft Show DIY Project: Pendant Packaging

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