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small world

This past Friday was gorgeous. So sunny and only a little chilly. Having the day off, I decided to take advantage of the weather and walk up to West Side Market. It’s only about a mile away, a mile that is now much easier (and faster) to walk than it was a year and almost-sixty-pounds ago.

About half a block away, I looked up to see my cousin’s husband walking towards me. Keep in mind, this is someone I normally only see once or twice a year, so a serendipitous meeting along W. 25th was rather random and he, naturally, seemed just as surprised to see me.
He said he was picking up lunch at Nate’s Deli. Ah, yes, I said, with a knowing nod. Best hummus in the city. His eyes got wide in that Ohmygosh, someone else who thinks that way and we went on to have a lovely conversation about how we don’t know how Nate’s manages to get their hummus so smooth since neither of us can do it ourselves when we make homemade hummus. After asking about my cousin and a hug goodbye, he headed back to work and I headed towards the market.
Moments like that are why Cleveland rocks.
Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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