undomesticated goddess

Once a month, like clockwork, I turn into little Suzy Homemaker baking up a storm.

I’ll let y’all take a wild guess which week out of the month it always happens to be.

I’ll also let y’all guess what week it is right now.

On the one hand, it’s great: I have yummy stuff in my apartment and I get to experiment. Once I made peanut butter and M&M cookies for my dad’s entire office. Another time I used part of a Crate & Barrel gift card to buy their sugar cookie mix. Of course, the mix is still in my cabinet because I got distracted making Nutella Peanut Butter balls. Just last month I made up an ice cream inspired by a Girl Scout Samoa cookie (y’know, the coconut and carmel one).

On the other hand, I also tend to turn into this:

I wish I was exaggerating, too. Those cookies for my dad’s office? Baked at about 1am. The ice cream? 11pm. No joke: I got off work at 9pm. Went grocery shopping for ingredients. Was home about 10pm. Within an hour of walking in the door to my apartment, I was making ice cream. And, yes, I have had to pour dish soap into my trash can to stop myself.

So, here we are. One month later, cycles of the moon and all that shit and of course I’m already planning on making ice cream and brownies this weekend.

After yesterday’s dinner break, I went up up front at reception and saw a staff member was selling Malley’s chocolate bars for the local high school. Fully knowing better, I peeked into the box. This was my thought process over the next five minutes:

Fuuuuuuuuck. It’s the pretzel crunch bars. Damnit. Shouldn’t have looked. Shouldn’t have looked. Okay, it’s only a buck. Whatever. I’ll just throw it in my freezer and eat in sections. Hmmmm. Y’know, I bet this would taste really good with some peanut butter. Ooooooh. I wonder if I could make chocolate peanut butter ice cream with bits of pretzel in it. Oh, but wait. I don’t really like chocolate ice cream. Oh! How about peanut butter ice cream with that awesome fudge ripple from the Samoa ice cream with bits of pretzel in it? Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

I posted something on Facebook about this and my favorite vegan Lindy Loo said I should make it vegan so she can have some. I think she was kidding, but I have been wanting to try a homemade vegan ice cream and utilizing my mad capital-L librarian research skillz (ie: Google), I found a vegan peanut butter ice cream recipe and the fudge ripple is apparently all ready vegan.

Lindy says I am one kick ass redhead.

I told her I know.

As for the brownies, well, yesterday one of my yoga buddies brought some of these Happy Herbivore brownies to class. As she was telling us all of the ingredients I realized I already had most of that stuff in my kitchen already (including the agave nectar. I know, I am a woman of mysterious means). They were damn good brownies, I’m tellin’ ya. And, hello. They are made with black beans. That totally makes them healthy, right?

Although, I wonder how they would taste with the ice cream….

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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