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itsy bitsy teenie weenie

Since my reintroduction to swimming on Friday, I have been obsessed addicted to looking at new bathing suits. Which is so totally out of character. I mean, hello, I’m a self-concious fat girl. I don’t really do bathing suits. Our annual family reunion used to be held at the home of an aunt and uncle with a pool and I’d spend the whole weekend sitting on the deck in jeans (I don’t really do shorts either). The suit I do have was purchased for a one-time pool party at the home of some friends back during college. When I went to Kalahari with my cousins about a year ago, I walked around the park with a pair of loose fitting yoga pants over my bathing suit because I was so totally aware of my size.

But 64.6 (as of today) lbs later, something as silly as my weight isn’t going to stop me from having a kick ass swimsuit. Like this one from Mod Cloth:

Fruity Suity One Piece, Plus Size
Besides, I can’t continue my new-found love of swimming without one and I’m definitely going to need a new one soon. And can we also talk about how awesome it is that so many stores realize that us curvy girls want cute sexy swimwear too and none of that frilly little skirt shit? I have a Macy’s gift card and am so totally tempted to use it on this:

Rialto Over the Shoulder One Piece
The really weird thing, though, is that I’m actually looking at bikinis. Not for now or for the time being — I mean, hello, for all of my confidence now I haven’t gone craycray — but as the reward for myself when I hit 175. If Sissy and I do end up going to Florida once I hit my goal weight, I’m totally going to need a cute bathing suit.

I mean, hello how cute is this one from Pin Up Girl clothing:

Sailor Girl Nautical Bikini

Although this one is also uber adorable:

Beach Honeycomber One Piece

Really, though, the bikini thing is weirding me out and I’m thisclose to starting a Pinterest board to keep track of all the ones I find. I sorta figure that by the time I get down to goal weight, I’ll be roundabout a size 10 maybe? Although I know exercise and toning will affect that. Recently I had to get rid of a pair of Torrid jeans that were several sizes too big even though they originally were purchased at the weight I am now. Inches, man. Crazy inches.

But, see, regardless of what size I get to, once I do get to goal weight (and I will, I don’t care how long it takes me), I’ll have lost a grand total of 151 lbs. That will be 48% of my starting weight. And you know what? I will freaking deserve a cute bikini at that point, amirite?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

5 thoughts on “itsy bitsy teenie weenie”

  1. Every single one of those suits rocks, you couldn't go wrong! Since I firmly believe that any woman who has had two children shouldn't wear a 2-piece (yes, it's the one area of my life in which I am weirdly conservative), I live in the 1-piece suit/dresses by Spanx (available at Target). They keep my mid-section artificially slimmed down, are sensible enough for chasing kids around the pool all summer, and are cute too!


  2. I got a couple of really cute ones at Avenue, Fashion Bug and Kohls over the last year – they all have the skirt bottom and two are tankinis. I wore them all week while on my cruise last week and felt awesome, even among my skinny friends.


  3. Sweetheart after losing 65 pounds, you deserve a rack of swimsuits! You go girl!

    Also i love retro bathing suits, but i love the frilly little skirt shit. It makes me feel less awkward about my upper thighs.


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