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the wind beneath my wings

It is perhaps unsurprising that I am a woman with a lot of friends who identify as feminists. We are all strong, confident, independent, and outspoken about women’s issues, whatever those might be. One of these friends even helped organize the Cleveland Slut Walk that was held back in the summer, an event I, unfortunately, had to miss out on because my family reunion was the same weekend.

It’s also important to point out that not all of us are female, either.

A few weeks before the event, some of us were out drinking and there was a guy with our group that was somebody’s family friend. He honestly had absolutely no idea what he was getting himself into because we were discussing the upcoming Cleveland Slut Walk and it was quickly apparent he thought we were all against the idea. When it because obvious that we all supported it and were trying to educate him on the purpose, he said “Well, what happens when a real slut misunderstands and tries to join the walk?”
If only we had a camera to capture the astounded looks on each of our faces as we carefully pondered our next words.

Right, so, anyone who knows me also knows that I’m a bit, well, torn on the child issue. That is, I’m not sure I want kids, although I will confess that as I’ve gotten older I’ve begun to lean more towards the for children camp. I will say that if I could guarantee that my daughter would turn out like this, I would be all for offspring. The more the better. Seriously, this girl is my new hero and her parents should be proud. I mean, hello, she’s a teenager talking about slut-shaming while wearing a Batman t-shirt.

Love from the ashes,Lady Lazarus

3 thoughts on “the wind beneath my wings”

  1. What an amazing girl! She kind of reminds me of me at her age, but sadly somewhere along the line I lost some of my confidence….partly due to slut shaming…


  2. Intelligent girl. I'd love to have more like her in class.

    Your comment about not all feminists being women reminds me of t-shirts that were worn around Miami that said “This is what a feminist looks like.” Many who wore the shirts were men, including my all time favorite professor.


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