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the hunger games

On Saturday, my yoga instructor asked me what it feels like to have lost 70 lbs.

Truthfully, I don’t even really think about it. The number is just too huge to properly process. Plus, I’m not even halfway through this journey yet. I don’t want to fall into that mental trap of thinking Oh em gee. I’ve been at this for fourteen months and I still have 80 lbs to go. So, instead of focusing on how much I’ve lost so far or how much I still have to lose, I focus on every day. I focus on what I eat at each meal and how much exercise I log and how much I lose each week.
Like this week. This week I lost only 0.2 for a total of 70.4 (look at me, being all nice and telling y’all at the beginning so Jenn doesn’t have to hold her breath until the end of the post). I know that’s not a lot, but it’s totally par for the course at this point in my monthly cycle. I also know that had I not been careful, it easily could have been a gain because this past weekend proved to be one of those situations that challenged me in the food arena, because with the film festival I was stuck eating several meals at Tower City Center where all they really have is fast food. Plus, being a vegetarian, my options were even more limited. So, I had to be smart and I had to be creative.
Thus, my plan of asnack.

The secret to this plan was really just in bringing my own food and working with what was available. I stayed far away from the food in the volunteer room, knowing that it was mostly pizza and popcorn and candy and stuff. So on Friday, which was my 13 hour day, during lunch break I bought a six inch Veggie Delite from Subway.

Now, normally the full sandwich the way I get it with provolone and light mayo on flatbread would be 9 Weight Watchers points. That comes out to 1/4 of my daily total. However, if I cut that sammich in half, I not only save on points, I also save on money since I just bought myself dinner, too. Get enough veggies on that sucker and buy the Baked Doritos and you don’t even notice the sandwich is only 3 inches. I wrapped the other half up and stuck it in my bag and it was fine a few hours later when I had it for dinner with some pretzels I brought from home.
Done and Done.
Saturday I planned for popcorn. And when I say I planned for popcorn, I mean I saved half of my daily points and ate very light during the morning and afternoon so I could have a small bag during the 6:00 movie. I’m pretty sure I do this every year. I’m also pretty sure that every year I also end up regretting it a few hours later because I’m so hungry by then I practically inhale it, which means my body doesn’t really process it, which means within two hours I’m hungry again. Well done, Jill. And, honestly, the points aren’t worth it. Not when, come Sunday, I bring in a carefully portioned bag of mini Ranch flavored rice cakes that serve the same purpose for way less points.
Let’s just hope that by the time the 2013 festival rolls around, I’ll remember all of this and not make the same mistake again.
Also: Don’t forget your water bottle. Yes, obviously, taking a water bottle into a movie theater is not technically allowed. But, honestly, at CIFF, I was hardly the only one. And you could always hear at least one can of pop being opened as the trailer started.
Granola bars are your friend. Seriously. Just be careful, because if you don’t watch the nutrition information you might as well just eat a candy bar. But every day at the festival I had a granola bar on hand as either a mid-afternoon or post-dinner snack. The Hospitality Headquarters provides food, but I can’t look at a wrap and know what it’s in it or how much of anything. Chips and hummus or celery with peanut butter is a fabulous snack and as much as I love both hummus and peanut butter, they are high in points and I don’t exactly have ready access to measuring spoons like I do at home. So, on Saturday, after showering and changing at yoga class, I grabbed a Southwest Salad (minus the chicken) from McDonald’s and took it up to the HH. So, yes, I was that weirdo who bought her lunch when there was free food available. And when I was finished, I went to my movie and ate my baggie of exactly 8 Swedish Fish for dessert.
Anal? Hell yes. A little OCD? Perhaps. But I have lost 70 lbs. I’m not leaving this to chance. But, more to the point, I didn’t lose those 70 lbs by chance, either. This took freaking hard work, people. Like yoga once a week. Like Couch to 5k three times a week. Like walking instead of driving. Like paying attention to nutrition information and portion sizes. Ohmygod the portion sizes. I wasn’t kidding about measuring out hummus or peanut butter or counting how many Swedish Fish I take from the bag.
As they say, though, the proof is in the pudding. Even the low-fat kind.
Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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