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then and now

As of today, I have lost 75.6 lbs since January 2011. Not only am I halfway to my goal weight, but my 100 lb reward tattoo is a mere 24.6 lbs away!

In light of this huge (pun intended) accomplishment, I decided it was time to post some pictures. I mean, what does a 75 lb weight loss look like, anyway?
So here we have be back in late December of 2010, about a month before I started Weight Watchers at 311 lbs. When I think of what I looked like back then, is is always the photograph that comes to mind:

And this, dear readers, is what I look like today:
That dress? Purchased Saturday at Old Navy. It’s an XL. The largest in store size they carry is an XXL and I fit into an X-freaking-L. If I wasn’t smiling so much, I would have been crying in that dressing room. As it is, I’m pretty sure I clapped my hands and jumped up and down.
So, y’know, just call me the incredible shrinking lady.
Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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