going to the chapel


Sissy has decided on a June wedding with a gorgeous color combination of yellow and grey. She and I may or may not have a Pinterest board and a Google Doc as a place to exchange ideas, because I mean, hello, who wants to work when there is a wedding to plan?

I’ve told her I’m glad the first daughter to get married is the one that wants the more traditional wedding because this way by the time I get around to it, nobody will care if I go a more non-traditional route since they’ll have already had this wedding. Plus, this way, I still get to participate in all of the wedding planning without the stress of it being my wedding. Instead I get to be the awesomely supportive Maid of Honor.

Like Hannah Montana said, it’s the best of both worlds.

(Oh yeah, I also have to give a speech at the reception. And just thinking about it may or may not make me a little teary-eyed because, hello, my little sister is getting married. Awww. But I won’t think about that. Instead I’ll put my mad bachlorette party planning skillz to work.)

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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