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Yesterday, after a friend made a comment on Facebook about finding a family line that traced back to the Tudors, I decided to sign up for the 14 day free trial on

And then I lost several hours of my life.


It’s fascinating and a true time sucker. Only you don’t realize the time is being sucked away until it’s several hours later and, oh look, time to go home. Even right now: I had every intention of posting a different post a few hours ago only totally forgot about it because I got sucked in again. Genealogy research is turning into this awesome puzzle, this addicting game that I can’t.stop.playing. And I’m only dealing with direct lines on my mother’s side: I haven’t even touched my father’s side or anybody’s siblings.

Truth is, I’m, like, 75% German and most ancestors immigrated to the states in the mid-to-late 19th century. Which, give or take a country, is how it works for most people.

But then, see, there is this one teeny tiny branch of my maternal grandfather’s side that just kept going back. And back. And back. All the way back to New England in the early 1600s. While, as far as I can tell, my family wasn’t on the Mayflower, we arrived to the New World shortly thereafter.

Like this guy.

Born in Yorkshire England in 1596, Zechariah is the grandson of astronomer Sir John Field. Oh yes, I am apparently of noble birth. (Obviously, not really, but I just like saying it.)

Anyway. Ol’ Zechariah came to American in 1629. For those lacking in their history lessons, that’s only about ten years after Plymouth was settled. His son Joseph Field was born in Connecticut in 1658 and that Joseph had a son named Joseph (b. 1689) who also had a son named Joseph (b. 1723). This third son Joseph broke tradition and named his son Elijah and it is this Elijah Field who served in the Revolutionary War. It’s also how I followed this line, thanks to the Daughters of the American Revolution website. Elijah, you see, had a granddaughter who applied, and was accepted, to the DAR. She was also my maternal grandfather’s grandmother (my great-great-grandmother on my mother’s father’s side (Still with me?)).

So that makes Zechariah Field my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather.

If you think that’s wicked, here’s the other thing: Remember Elijah’s granddaughter? She applied for the DAR with references to four ancestors of hers who fought in the Revolutionary War. And her husband fought in the Civil War.

And I have never felt more patriotic.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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