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This week I changed things up a bit with regards to my running.

For the past two months I’ve been doing Couch to 5K, which is a program that has you running three times a week. Normally I’d run Day 1 on Monday night after work, Day 2 Wednesday night after work (both on the treadmill), and Day 3 Friday morning outside.

This was fine for a few weeks until I realized how much I was loathing those evening runs and loving the morning run. So, I decided to move things around and this past week I ran Wednesday morning on the treadmill, and Friday and Sunday morning outside.

I really am a morning runner and ohmygoddess I love running outside.

I love it so much that I decided early in the week I would take my Sunday morning run to Edgewater Park and run along the trail right next to the Marina and then head into downtown and have breakfast at the Starbucks on W. 6th (mainly because I have a giftcard and wanted to try one of their breakfast sandwiches).

So this was the plan. And it continued to be the plan until yesterday morning when I woke up and it was gray and cloudy and sprinkling. But, no excuses right? The idea of running on the treadmill was depressing, especially when I was so much looking forward to running outside. So I grabbed long pants, a long sleeved thermal shirt, some fingerless gloves, my hat, and went to Edgewater Park anyway.

The trail is just about 1 mile around and surrounds a lovely green park with the beach and lake right nearby. I did two laps, so two miles, and for the first time was able to do my entire outside run without once having to pause to catch my breath. I just kept running. And by the end I was so glad I didn’t let the few sprinkles deter me from running outside and I will no doubt be back next weekend. It’s a different experience, running in a park. On the treadmill you don’t actually go anywhere, your only focus is the time. When I run around my neighborhood, my only focus is the cars and trucks and making sure I don’t get hit. With the park I could just run. There was no focus and it was the most liberating feeling ever.

Of course, I have to get better at remembering to turn off my MapMyFitness app once I’m actually done, since I forgot and it averaged my mile time including the five minute walking cool down. Oops.

Yesterday morning I ran two miles then went to Starbucks and had my spinach, feta, and egg white wrap and skinny vanilla latte and just sat and read for an hour before heading home. Then this morning I weighed in and was down another 1.2 lbs, bringing my total to 76.8. Talk about a fabulous start to my week.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

3 thoughts on “run forrest run”

  1. You are motivating me to get back into running. I was really into it for a couple of years. And as far as the weather was concerned- I ran in anything but lightning or “dangerous” conditions. Mostly because if you sign up for any kind of race, the race will go on despite rain, snow, wind, etc. Sounds like a beautiful route to run!


  2. It's funny how running can “get you”. I was bitten by the outdoor running bug over a year ago. Ran outside through all sorts of weather, including all winter in NYC. What do I have to show for it? I ran my first half-marathon last weekend (from nothing to half-marathoner!) and set a personal speed record this weekend. And I'm not “a runner”. No one who looks at me would think I am one! Running makes me feel strong. And I LOVE it.


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