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breakfast of champions

Saturday mornings I have yoga class at 10 am. I usually try to go for a breakfast that will give me enough fuel to make it through a 90+ minute athletic Ashtanga Vinyasa practice without weighing me down and giving me a blah gross feeling halfway through the second set of Sun Salutations (as used to happen during the 6am Tuesday morning classes).

For awhile I was eating multi-grain Cheerios with light vanilla soy milk and sliced bananas on top (all Aldi brands because I am now obsessed with that place, so I guess they are really multi-grain “crispy oats”) and sometimes with a hard boiled egg or bit of yogurt on the side. It was really a fabulous pre-yoga breakfast except for the part where I only ate it once a week and I’m not really a milk drinker, so there was no feasible way to drink all the soy milk before it expired. In fact, this didn’t really hit home until last weekend when I took one bite of my breakfast and knew the milk from the still nearly full carton had spoiled. Go me.

It was time for a breakfast change, but I was at a loss. My normal during-the-week breakfast of eggs and bagel was going to be way too heavy for yoga and then I came across this post on Carrots n’ Cake and thought She’s a genius.

I love waffles. Love them. And I always want to buy them but never do because my version of a waffle is slathered in butter and dripping with syrup. Not exactly figure friendly. And somehow it had never occurred to me to figure out a way to make them work, which is really the key to a successful change in diet. If you don’t want to deprive yourself of something, you just have to adapt it in a way that fits in to your lifestyle.

So that’s what I did.

I did break out of my Aldi-only shopping habit for the waffles and went with the Nutri-grain Whole Wheat waffle from Eggo. Each waffle got 1 T. of creamy peanut butter, half a sliced banana, and 1 t. of honey. Two waffles are 4 Weight Watchers Points+ and I’m okay with the amount of points spent on this breakfast because, um, hi, about to earn a ton of activity points. But the amount of peanut butter can, obviously, be lowered and you can always skip the honey and/or yogurt. Or, y’know, just go with one of these waffles. Flexibility is key here, people.

Think of this as my version of Banana & Yogurt Day without actually, y’know, starving myself. In fact, quite the opposite. I mean, look at it: this might be the most perfect breakfast I have ever seen. Dairy? Check. Protein? Check. Fresh Fruit? Check. Whole Grain? Check (okay, so the whole grain is in waffle form, but it’s still there). Serve it with some coffee and boom, good to go.

After that breakfast, I had an amazing Ashtanga practice. I’ve been struggling with Wheel over the past few months, some weeks I have it some I don’t, but on Saturday I told myself I could do it and I effortlessly popped right up. And, look at that, I ate bananas and peanut butter for breakfast and still lost 3.4 lbs this week, for a total of 81.2! I’m in the 220s, people! I mean, it’s 229.8, but still! I’m there and totally wearing my cute new little black dress to work today in honor of this milestone.

Think Elvis would approve?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

4 thoughts on “breakfast of champions”

  1. Love the breakfast idea. I sometimes make wheat and yogurt pancakes, but like you smother them in syrup. I like this idea to keep it healthy. I'm impressed that you're able to shop at Aldi and keep healthy. They recently put them in here, and we buy most of our food there, but sometimes it's hard to find whole wheat and healthy options. We buy 90% there and go elsewhere for wheat products, or things only found in the health food store.

    I'm continually amazed at your weight loss!


  2. I do about 90% of my shopping there, too. Sometimes if I want any of the faux meat products I have to go to Giant Eagle, although Aldi's does sell Boca Burgers which was a nice surprise! I also am continually impressed with their produce and I really like the Fit & Active line.


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