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Keeping this one pretty light today because I have a super busy weekend ahead of me, what with my first craft show tomorrow (and yes, I only ever did one DIY project. Proof of why I’m not a DIY blogger) and Mother’s Day, so I’ll be in my hometown of Stars Hollow until Sunday evening. But, have no fear: even with all of this going on, I’ll still put up a new vlog post. And, of course, if you’re in Northeast Ohio and looking for something to do this weekend, c’mon by Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird on Saturday. There are a ton of vendors signed up with unique and awesome items including several from the Cleveland Handmade Etsy team, so it should be a fun day. Oh and, hey, you can come and hang out with me.

In the meantime, this is from the 3.12 mile run I did this morning.

I decided to stay in my area instead of heading over to Edgewater Park and I found a lovely 2.25 mile loop around some of the bridges in my neighborhood (of which there are many). Of course, being short a mile I then had to run around a few parking lots, but c’est la vie.

Funny thing is, I found myself … not really struggling but I had to keep pushing myself to do the 3 miles and it felt like it was affecting my pace. But that average up there, 14:10? That’s my best time yet. Just the other day on Tuesday I did 2 miles and my average was 14:40. This is one reason why I love running with my iPhone: it shows me that I am slowly getting faster.

Pun intended, of course.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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