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This is going to be one of those rare posts where I talk about something other than weight loss because I want to give you all a more detailed recap of my craft show debut! Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird was probably the best choice I could have made for my first show. It was totally relaxed and no pressure and the vibe and people were just amazing. The guy who organized it, Andy Hopp, was just so fun. Super friendly and approachable and he would wander the show and check out what everyone else was selling and talk with everyone and I think he really set the fun and funky mood that carried throughout the day. So well done, Andy.

Vendors could get into the space the night before, so after dinner at my parents’ house I headed on over to at least get my display stuff up. Next morning I was back there bright and early at 8am to set up my entire table.

The frames were found at the local thrift store and I just painted them. I then took them to a hardware store to have them fitted with pegboard and used pegboard hooks to hang the jewelry packages.

Yellow Brick Road Pendant, $10 in my Etsy shop

The little figurines are actually standing on planters I found at Jo-Ann Fabrics and I was floored when I found some almost identical in color to the frames. Oh, and the credit card sign by the jewelry? I used a Square device which I am so glad I had because of the handful of sales I made, the majority were paid with a credit card.

So, yes, I didn’t sell a lot and what I did sell was sold to family. But, honestly? I had so much fun I don’t care. Like I said, this was a totally low-pressure situation and I really went just to see how I felt about selling at craft shows. Obviously in the future it’s going to depend on the craft show itself, but I loved this one and met some awesome artists. More than anything this was a learning experience and one I’m glad I took a leap on. I think I was afraid I’d spend the whole time hiding behind my table, but I got up and talked to people and explained my work and felt totally comfortable in that environment. It also makes me want to find other craft shows and, hey, at least this way stock is taken care of, I can just add more figurines if I want, and my display stuff is all packed and ready to go in its permanent rolling suitcase home.

Also, this is the Devil Penguin I was telling y’all about in yesterday’s vlog:

Isn’t he freaking adorable?! It’s really no surprise that I got so many comments on him as the day went on. Looking at him, I can say that yes, I know what I’m doing with polymer clay and certainly have a distinct voice. It’s just a matter of finding the right crowd to sell my stuff. Plus, while people looked at my pendants, they really responded to the figurines and ornaments so maybe for the next show I should put more of my energy into those. And, of course, since my figurines are various holiday-themed, they might do better at holiday shows so, again, Saturday was just a learning experience and it gave me a lot to think about for next time.

(I know I shouldn’t play favorites, but he is so cute and it makes me want to do a whole line of Halloween-themed penguins (so far I just have the devil and a ghost). Can’t you just imagine a vampire with cute lil teeth sticking down from his beak?) 

Of course, since I was away from home all weekend it meant a disruption to both my eating and exercise routine, the most obvious being that I had to skip yoga on Saturday. I did pack my shoes and workout clothes and did a three mile run Sunday morning around the area I grew up. My original plan was to try for four, but when I got to the turn-around-and-head-back point, I really wasn’t feeling it, so instead of turning  back I cut up one of the main streets in town and ended up back at my parents’ house that way. But, that’s still three miles and right now my main focus is making sure I run three times a week, increasing distance isn’t a real priority at this point but I’ll get there eventually.

With food, we ordered take-out Friday night and I did my research beforehand, looking at the menu online and figuring out what would work. For Saturday at the show I actually packed a lunch. I was worried it was going to be a vending machine only situation, but the restaurant at the hotel/conference center was delivering orders to vendors at our booths. Of course, from what I could see it was mostly sports bar type meals like burgers and fries, so I did good with my plan to pack.

I did feel super awkward eating at my table even though that’s what everyone else was doing. I mean, I’m sitting there at a table for eight hours all by myself (and that time surprisingly flew by), so it’s not as though I had any other option. But I did try to be super subtle with my sammich and chips, not that anybody cared. Just another thing to chalk up to being part of the experience!

All of that being said, I did lose 2.6 lbs this week for a total of 83.8! I’ve been at this for so long and everything is second nature and so much of it is just about being healthy, I can’t really quite process that number and what it means. I mean, that’s only 16 away from 100. My average is about 5 lbs a month, so I could hit that goal by the end of summer!

And to think just a few years ago I was struggling to lose even 50 pounds.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

4 thoughts on “wizard of odd”

  1. That penguin is a adorable. I totally think you should do some holiday themed ones to sell around the holiday craft shows. My mom loves penguins and I could definitely see myself buying her a couple of Halloween ones for her because you don't see that often! She'd love them.


  2. I'm glad it went well! And we're totally going to let Cate pick out which of your penguins she wants to hang on our tree this year. I meant to order one from you last year, but things got busy, my stomach went crazy, etc. Sorry 'bout that. 🙂


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