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home again

Obviously there was no vlog post posted. What can I say? Family weekends can get super busy with all of that catching up going on! To say I come from a big family is a bit of an understatement: My dad is one of eight siblings (six living), and I have fifteen first cousins. Those are just the ones I’m actually related to, but most of them are married and have children and the next generation is already outnumbering mine.

Of course, part of this whole weekend event was to test my ability to eat while on the road. I live a pretty structured, scheduled existence food-wise so these sorts of things are always a challenge. And, honestly, I did pretty well up until Sunday, which is when I snacked and munched and grazed a bit more than I would have liked. But, when I stepped on the scale this morning, I was down 1/2 a pound, so I couldn’t have done too bad. That brings my total to 86 and it was so wonderful hearing all the compliments and comments from family who hadn’t seen me in awhile. My one aunt even said that I “glow.”

Saturday night there was a seated dinner reception for my cousin, the newly ordained Father Joe and tables were assigned based on Beanie Babies. Yes, I mean those cute little stuffed animals that took the world by storm like, fifteen years ago. There was apparently significance behind the pairings, like my family was at the table represented by the Cardinal — the state bird of Ohio. At the end of the evening, the kids were told they were allowed to take one of the Beanie Babies if they wanted, although my cousin Megan and I might have each taken one of the Meerkats.

His name on the tag is Burrows but I’m calling him Rabbi Goldstein. Yes, there is a story behind it and no, I’m not telling you what it is.

The vegetarian option at the reception ended up being a risotto and while I ate all of it, I did pass on dessert.  I wasn’t so good on Sunday, when there was a light reception after Father Joe’s first mass. It started with one small cookie bar thing which turned into two which turned into three. Ooops. Plus I snacked a bunch in the car on the way back home. For lunch we stopped at Bob Evans and this was one of those times when my Weight Watchers app came in handy, because I was able to look up the restaurant and food items. Turns out the Veggie Omelet meal, including the fruit, toast, and jam was only 7 WW points. Dinner was a Burger King at a rest stop and I got their Veggie Burger (minus mayo) and apple slices, although I only ate half of the burger because of all the snacks.

I did get some exercise in: Saturday morning, Sissy and I woke up early and went to the fitness center at the hotel, located right across the hall from our room. Of course, running for 25 minutes on that treadmill just reconfirmed why I prefer running outside, but running on a treadmill is better than not running at all.

The original plan was to stop partway last night and not get back to Ohio until today. However, my parents decided to just drive straight through and once we got to their house I just hopped in my car and was back in Cleveland before midnight. I had already taken today off and so it’s kind of a free day for me! I met a friend for brunch at the West Side Market Cafe and after cleaning my apartment, I’m now in my comfy Muppet pj pants and plan on spending the rest of the afternoon on the couch reading.

After a day of rest and relaxation, tomorrow’s 6:15am alarm and morning run hopefully won’t seem so bad.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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