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loving last place

See that? That’s me. Yup, waaaaaaaaaaaay down at the bottom. In last place.

These, ladies & gents, are the race results from this past weekend’s 5K. I went looking for them because I really just wanted to know what my official time was seeing as how I totally wasn’t paying attention the day of, I was just so excited to finish. In the end, I finished in 47 minutes and 40 seconds, which came out to an average mile time of 15:23. And, yes, last place.

But guess what? I don’t care. In fact, I’m thrilled. Because seeing my name and those numbers in black and white is proof that with enough destination, determination, deliberation, you can do anything. I ran a 5K. This bears repeating because at the beginning of the year, this would have been impossible. Not only impossible, it’s not something I would have even considered. Me? Run? 3.1 miles? Puh-leeze. But I did it and have the race results to prove it. As my cousin Matt said on Facebook: You can’t get scored if you don’t compete. Iron Men that finish last are still Iron Men. I’ve already signed up for my second 5K and I’m considering one in my hometown at the end of August that is part of the new football stadium celebrations (if any Stars Hollow alum want to join me!). As for the numbers above, well, they are just that: numbers.

While we’re at it, though, let’s throw out some other random numbers.

Like, oh, I don’t know. 6. Because I only started running 6 months ago. And, okay, so, 6 x 3 is 18 and 18 months ago I weighed 311 lbs. 15 is the number of inches of hair I had cut off and 91 is how many pounds I’ve lost thus far. I’m 9 pounds away from 100 and my bra size is a 38.

See? Just numbers. They don’t have any meaning when take out of context. Like, say, a race results list. They don’t tell the story of how far I’ve come. If anything, they just tell the story of where I still have yet to go. I mean, think about it, start on the bottom and it’s all uphill from here.

Just, y’know, not actual hills, please. I already did that once and would appreciate a slightly flatter terrain next time around, thankyouverymuch.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

7 thoughts on “loving last place”

  1. Holy hills- I looked over that race course and it made me a little queasy! I may live in the heart of the Ohio River Valley, but I sure hate running hills. Last place is still a 5k finish, and I have to say, given your time, if you were last, it was a race full of serious 5k runners. So you can now consider yourself among them. And for crying out loud, run on flatter terrian next time- it's making this poor pregnant lady's stomach churn to think of running those hills! Congratulations to you! If we're in town in August, I'll run that Stars Hollow 5k!


  2. Hahaha. Believe me, I underestimated the hills when I signed up. I also didn't find out until much later that we would have to run up them twice, as the route was a loop. Once would have been feasible, but twice was brutal.


  3. I'm with LLF– if that was last place, then everyone else was bookin' it. My first 5K took me somewhere around 44 minutes (those darn Ohio River Valley Hills) and I wasn't anywhere close to finishing last. I was at the zoo last summer and those hills were killer just walking up them. So major props to you for doing the 5K there.

    If you ever do get to the point of half marathon or marathon, the Disney course is pretty flat and you get to run through the parks. 🙂 The only hills are some of the on-ramps when you're running on the roads on Disney property between parks. Just throwin' it out there. The medals are also incredible.

    But if you decide hills aren't so bad, the Nike Women's half/full marathon in San Fran every year has a medal that is a Tiffany necklace– handed to you by a tuxedo-wearing fireman. 😉 I haven't done that one, but one day…


  4. I think the top finisher was 18 something. Like, that's just CRAZY.

    I would love to do a half one day, marathon still too intimidating to think about 🙂 Disney would be awesome, a few weeks ago I was looking up info on it just to see and it looks amazing. So I will definitely keep it in mind!


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