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putting it in perspective

I work at a small college and part of my duties as the librarian is to proctor IT/computer certification exams. Some of the testers are students at the school while we also get a few people from the community. So it was that on Tuesday I had a woman come in to take one of these exams.

It should be noted that this woman was a petite Asian and yes this is relevant. Because, see, part of the checking in process is to take identification like, say, a driver’s license. Which, as you know, has your weight on it. (Although mine, obviously, is way off these days. Really should get a new one.) Anyway, I was examining her license, making sure she was who she said she was, blah blah, when I noticed her weight. I looked at it closer, looked up at her, then looked back at that number. I stifled a small smile, finished the check-in process, and got her started on her test.

Then I went to Twitter.

True story. 

How do you put your weight loss in perspective? Also, don’t forget that if there is a question you want to ask me for my 100th post Q&A you still have time! You can leave it as a comment on this post or you can send it via my contact form.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

6 thoughts on “putting it in perspective”

  1. this made me & my friend laugh so hard. thanks for that humor.

    i make fun of myself for my arms.. I feel like if I don't – I wont do anything about it! I read once its called U.A.D.D = under arm dingle dangle.
    I bowled a lot the other day and felt the difference in my arm. Fregin i want more of that.

    Sometimes we all do a little different mental push. But it's a push right!

    Keep on truckin Jill!


  2. I feel that! I've lost 54 lbs in 2 years. I weighed my 6-year old son the other day- he's tipping 40. I've lost my son's weight worth of FAT and MORE! I just kept looking at him and shaking my head.. I couldn't believe it. Fabulous job on your loss!


  3. Move to New York! Our drivers licenses do not put your weight on them!! (I realized this when you said yours does and I was like, “My drivers licenses has my weight on it??”. So I went and checked. Ours do not.


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