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there’s always money in the banana stand

For those of you not familiar with actor Tony Hale or Arrested Development, I suggest you go get yourself familiar. Right now. No, really. It’s cool. I’ll wait. Just pick your poison, as it’s available to stream on Hulu+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. And because Fox cancelled it well before it’s time it won’t take you very long. 

See. Aren’t you glad you listened to me?

Now, technically speaking I didn’t actually play Buster’s wife, seeing as this wasn’t the Arrested Development set. But I was supposed to be Tony’s character’s wife. And because I am a huge Arrested Development fan and have been for many, many, many years and own all the seasons on DVD (they were the only thing I fought to keep when my ex down in Kentucky and I broke up), I’m just gonna keep saying I was Buster’s wife. Not too shabby for my first venture as a movie extra if I do say so myself.

So here’s what happened:

There were maybe 30 or so of us extras on this bus. We were originally told that the scene would take place on the bus, but when we drove to the set they decided to film it outside of the bus. The Casting Director came on and picked maybe 20 of the people to go outside. I was not one of them.

For the next ten or fifteen minutes, those of us still on the bus are watching in envy as the extras outside are given directions for the scene and we see Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman  and other cast members getting ready. And I see this guy that looks like Tony Hale, but I hadn’t seen his name pop up on the cast list for the movie so I was very confused but the more I watched the more I became convinced that it was definitely him.

So then one of the assistant directors comes on and says he needs a woman to stand next to Tony Hale.

My hand has never shot up faster. Lightning fast reflexes, people. Lightning. Fast. 

I go up to the front of the bus and one of the other extras, an older woman maybe in her 60s, asks him what kind of woman he needs. He looks at her, looks at me, then points to me and says “Actually, she’s perfect.”

Winner, winner. Chicken dinner.

I was also the last extra to get off the bus: the remaining 10 or so people were taken back to the meeting place and told to come back several hours later for a different scene.

I didn’t have any lines, just some acting and he did gesture to me as his wife at one point. He also flew into Cleveland just to do this one scene, which is why he hadn’t shown up on the cast list as it’s just a cameo. I am also happy to report that he is super friendly: that whole thing in my FB status about talking with him wasn’t an exaggeration. As we were waiting for them to start filming he and I were just chatting about the forthcoming Arrested Development webisodes on Netflix, yoga, what I do for a living, Cleveland, etc.

It will actually be kinda fun to see how the scene is edited, since they took it from so many angles (and, of course, to see if I actually make it in). Also, as it’s a comedy and they were working with these high-caliber comedic actors, they were given a lot of liberty with the script. Each take was completely different with certain lines always changing.

Because we were initially told the scene would be inside (or at least on a bus), I didn’t put as much sunscreen on as I should have. So after standing outside for four hours in 90 degree heat I ended up with a wicked sunburn. I’m talking tomato toasty, people. Also, I was not aware a person could get a flip-flop tan, but I am currently sporting one.

Also, hi, is that a collarbone I see?

The other downside to the heat was I completely lost my appetite. I had breakfast around 7:30 am and then a granola bar at about 11 while waiting on the bus, but that was it until close to 7pm. By the time we were done and I got back home it had been nearly 12 hours since I had a proper meal and I still had something like 25 Weight Watchers points left. I went to Chipotle and got my Burrito Bol and was able to splurge and get cheese, sour cream and guac and still had a ton of points left. Even after 12 hours I still wasn’t that hungry but I knew I couldn’t end the day eating a total of, like, 10 points, especially after standing out in the heat for four or five hours. So I ate my Bol and as I did my appetite slowly returned. Even with a small dessert I ended the day about 5 points under my dailies, but so it goes sometimes. Better than being, like, 20 points under. 

So that being said, my weight stayed the same this week. Neither lost nor gained, which is a-okay. After last week’s huge unexpected loss, I was almost anticipating a small gain this week, so maintaining is perfectly reasonable. Just how it goes sometimes! 

We were asked not to take photos during the filming and while some of the other extras were being sneaky and taking them anyway, that felt unprofessional. So I don’t have any pictures. Which means you’re just gonna have to trust me on all of this until next year when the film is supposed to be released. But c’mon, would I lie to you?
Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

6 thoughts on “there’s always money in the banana stand”

  1. That's really really awesome. I'm a HUGE Arrested Development fan. I've told my other Arrested Development fans and we're all super jealous and excited for you. 🙂


  2. I LOVE Arrested Development, and I'm thrilled both you and Buster Bluth (as he will forever be known to me) will be making cameos in this movie! Keep us posted about when it's coming out. I'm so jealous you were movie-married to him. Really, he's the great catch of the Bluth brothers, since Will Arnett is already married and all. 😉


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