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i’ve created a monster

Specifically a running monster.

Okay, so, my third 5K is at the end of this month, right? Now, I like having a race on the books. It’s a nice motivator, keeps me focused, and, well, keeps me running. ‘Cause sometimes you need that extra push and if I know I have a 5K coming up, that’ll get me up and out the door at 6:30 am when I’d really rather sleep. As such, I am constantly on the look out for future races and I like having a few weeks between each one.

Because Sissy and her fiance were in town over the weekend, my parents hosted a big family cookout at their place and while catching up with everyone, one of my cousins told me the company he works for is having a 5K and I should make it my fourth one. Great idea, except his 5K isn’t until early November and that would be over two months between my third and fourth and I didn’t like that idea, so I figured I’d throw one in there in late September/early October.

And then on Tuesday I found one. So I registered for that one and the November one. Oh yeah. I registered for two more races. And I registered for them on the same day. Like, within five minutes of each other.

See: monster.

And, c’mon. I registered for a 5K in November? I am a Northeast Ohio native. I know what our weather is like. Oh, sure, you’ll say, it’s early November. Yeah, well, we once had to go trick-or-treating in snow. I mean, what’s next? A Jingle Bell Run?

Hmmmmm. That’s actually not a bad idea. Let’s see, Cleveland’s is early December, huh? I could maybe manage that. Plus, running in cold weather would be the perfect excuse to buy some awesome race legs from Team Sparkle. I think the purple & turquoise striped ones are calling my name…..

Look! There! See? That’s what I’m talking about. I can’t stop. I’m in need of an intervention or something. It’s out of control.

Then again, I suppose there are worst things a gal could get herself addicted to. Stupid runners high.

It would seem, though, that being a monster has its benefits as I found out Wednesday that my application to be a FitFluential Ambassador was approved!

FitFluential Is Fitness Found
I am so super excited, I can’t even tell you. Since I started getting more active in healthy living blogging, I’ve found great support in the FitFluential Community and I’m so happy to be a part of it. The fact that the acceptance email came the same day as my first post on disordered eating just made it all the more poignant.  It just seemed to reaffirm why I write this blog and, in particular, why it was so important to talk about that specific part of my journey.

Speaking of, thank you all so much for your comments regarding that post. Both here on the blog and off. Writing that post was far more therapeutic than I anticipated and I find myself looking forward to writing the future posts in the series. Hopefully you’re looking forward to reading them.

Do you have any upcoming races you’re preparing for? Do you like signing up well in advance like me or do you wait until it gets closer? 

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

6 thoughts on “i’ve created a monster”

  1. For starters, jingle bell runs are super awesome. As is running in the winter. So much easier than running in all of this horrible heat and humidity!

    Secondly, oh yeah! I have 4 (5?) more races in my calendar for 2012. Love it! I generally try to do one or two a month, depending on the distances. The only problem is that here in NYC races fill up (like 10,000 people kind of full…) so I sign up way in advance. Which is good and bad. Motivating, but not helpful if an injury comes along. Thankfully I've been pretty healthy overall! Have fun with your races!


  2. I started this year saying that I would do an event a quarter…well, that turned into a stair climb in February, a 5K walk in April, a 5K run in May and a 5k run and a 5k walk in June, a stair climb in July and another one the very next week in August. I still have a 5K run a the end of the month and then another stair climb on Sept 11th. I am thinking and training for a half marathon in December…I need to find a couple more events for some of the time in between.

    So, I SO understand what you are talking about. I like the events…it keeps me going. Some of the events I sign up at the last minute…some I sign up months in advance…esp with some of the stair climbs as they have a minimum funding raising requirement.


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