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the one with my ulna

As you know, I’m rather fascinated by the fact that I can now feel bones in my body. Only thing is that up until now it’s always been bones I was already aware of. Not so in this case, when some of my co-workers introduced me to the ulna which, as I later learned, is not a small bone but a very long one. I just happened to stumble upon only part of it.

The One With My Ulna from Jill Grun on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “the one with my ulna”

  1. Love it! I had *just* gotten used to seeing my collar bones, when I discovered that when I clench my jaw *just right* TENDONS pop out of the side of neck. SO WEIRD! I'm loving my hip bones, tho!


  2. You are so funny but I get it! So I've lost like 22 pounds and I'm starting to see my hands in a different way and it IS weird!


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