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running & scrapbooking & shopping, oh my!

Saturday I was up bright and early to run my third 5K, which was located in my hometown. The high-school has a brand new football stadium and the 5K was part of the opening weekend celebrations. We started on the track, then followed a trail/path that I believe the cross country team uses, running up and through the woods that divides the high-school property from the nearby neighborhood, then ending back on the track in front of the spectators on the grandstand. Since it was mostly through woods, it was nice and shady and aside from a few small inclines fairly flat. It reminded me a lot of my recent run through the Cleveland Metroparks.

After, my parents and I had brunch at a restaurant downtown then walked around the farmer’s market for a bit. Once we got home, I took a shower while my mom headed over to CVS to have some photos printed so I could put my scrapbook page together!

Proof I am a nerd: using the school’s colors of blue and white

I snapped that pic before the final results were posted (hence the lack of info on the little blue card), but I finished in 42:52! Which was crazy, because I had to fucking book it to make that time. But as soon as I saw that clock looming ahead I knew I could get in under 43 minutes and holy moly did I run. Sprinted, really. It was one of the most amazing feelings of accomplishment, to have already run 3 miles at a decent pace and then out of nowhere pull out some ridiculous speed. With the crowd clapping and cheering and my parents there on the football field it was phenomenal.

I heart running.

Thursday I am doing a guest post for Mama Marchand and it’s a more detailed write-up of the 5K, so come back in a few days to see that! (Today is also Mama’s 30th birthday so you should go show her some love!)

I fully intended for the rest of the weekend to be fairly laid back, but it didn’t turn out that way. Saturday evening was a girl’s night, starting with dinner at Barrio (mmmm. Tacos and sangria and my besties) and ending with drinks at Edison’s Pub. Around 10pm my post-run high started to wear off and I headed home, intending to sleep but I ended up doing a massive closet purge.

Sunday I headed to Clothes Mentor, my new favorite store, to see if I could sell some of my too-big-for-clothes. I did and picked up a super cute new outfit. With the trade ins, the whole thing cost me $7. Including the shoes!

Find me on Instagram, JillGrun

And, yes: the keyhole back sold me on the shirt. I love that I can show off my new tattoo and still look professional.

I also used the Macy’s gift card my mom sent me as congrats for losing 100 pounds. I intended to buy shoes, but couldn’t find any I really really loved and after trying on a few dresses I wandered up to the “intimate apparel” section. As soon as I was up there it dawned on me that I really need new (tmi) panties. Like, in the right size. Somehow, of all the shopping I’ve done since losing weight I never got around to doing that. Plus they had a sale going on, so bonus! I even found an adorable silky black & white knee-length robe for ten dollah. It makes me feel all sex kitten boudoir-y.

On the weight loss front, I lost 1/2 a pound, bringing my total to 104.6! I also submitted my essay and pictures for the Weight Watchers Celebrate Success contest! For the “after” picture I opted to use one from Saturday’s race. I talked about running in my essay and the questionnaire, so seeing me in 5K mode with my race number pinned just seemed to be the perfect way to show how far I’ve come. I’m not sure about the time frame, though I suspect by the end of September, so fingers crossed!

How was your weekend? Now that I’ve found a sense of style, I’m thinking of every once in awhile jumping on the “What I Wore Wednesday” wagon. What do you think?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

7 thoughts on “running & scrapbooking & shopping, oh my!”

  1. I am completely in love with your new outfit. You and I have very similar styles! Your 5k time sounds great- I bet you'll see improvement in each race. How exciting! Congrats to you!


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