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vlog: the one with all the peanut butter

Today’s vlog post is all about my newest purchase, which are multiple jars from Peanut Butter & Co.! Yay sales and discounts!

This isn’t just your kindergarten peanut butter, oh no. I mean, just look at all the flavors they offer. (For breakfast I had a waffle topped with White Chocolate Wonderful, banana, and a bit of honey. Delish!) There’s some fun news at the end of the video, so you’ll definitely want to watch. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! (Also, I can never seem to get the lighting right in my videos. If any other vloggers have advice it would be MUCH appreciated!)

the one with all the peanut butter from Jill Grun on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “vlog: the one with all the peanut butter”

  1. Aww you are so cute!! I love your coffee mug etiquette 🙂 I would also love some fancy pb but I'm afraid I would devour it in short order and then feel not so hot about my pb love…


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