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sky above me. earth below me. fire within me.

Holidays always make for a Happy Monday, yes? The long weekend was fairly rainy and overcast here in the Land of Cleves, but I did make the most of it, including playing disc golf. Y’know, with a Frisbee. Yes. Me. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

I grew up in Summit County and one of the things I loved best about that area was walking and biking along the Towpath. 80+ miles of trails through lush Northeast Ohio, it’s incredibly breathtaking. Thing is, I always thought it was specific to the Akron area. I knew there were plans to extend it north, but I didn’t know there was already access up here in Cleveland thanks to the Metroparks. Not only is it up here, it’s not too far from my apartment! So Friday morning I headed over to the northern trail head for a run.

All told I did 4.25 miles, which is my longest distance yet! I did have to walk just a bit between miles 3 and 4, and my pace wasn’t the best but I wasn’t worried about that. This run was about endurance, not speed.


One of my goals for next year is to train for a half-marathon. At 13.1 miles, it’s something you have to work up to and since I’m still not running long distances I would like to slowly start to build up endurance so half training might be a smidge bit easier. I also know that the Towpath/Metroparks would be the perfect location for the long distance training runs. That was the one thing that concerned me, where I would run on the long days. Now that I have the spot and it’s close and easy to get to, the idea of training for a half-marathon seems that much more exciting!

Right. So. Disc golf, eh?

A few months ago I reconnected with a guy I used to work with at the Stars Hollow Public Library back in high-school and we made plans to get together this past weekend. When he suggested disc golf — a game he plays weekly — I don’t think he expected me to take him up on the offer, but, eh, what the hell. When in Rome, yes? The course was at a park in our hometown, one I didn’t go to that often growing up and now I regret that because it’s way more beautiful and picturesque than I ever recall.

Thing is, I haven’t thrown a disc (Frisbee is a proprietary term) in years and even then I wasn’t very good. I warned him about this, but I totally underestimated how hard disc golf is. Because you’re not just throwing a disc. You’re throwing a disc several yards away towards a little metal basket on a stand. And it really is like golf, with different discs having different purposes, like a driver and a putter. It took, like, half a dozen of my tosses to get the same distance as just one of his. But the weather was nice (well, for the most part), the park beautiful, and it was fun just walking around talking and catching up. And we did do a lot of walking, so, yay! Bonus exercise! The game was followed by dinner and drinks.

Here’s what I realized very early on into the evening: Taking yourself out of your comfort zone means you have to remove all expectations. If you’re going to spend the whole time worrying, you might as well just stay home because you won’t be able to appreciate the experience. Here I was, crawling under pine trees to retrieve wayward discs and getting rained on while walking back to our cars and making a complete idiot of myself with pitiful throws and I didn’t care. Seriously. Most liberating feeling in the world, not second-guessing yourself. Who knew?

I also went for comfort over cuteness and wore yoga pants and a t-shirt. But, as The Bookslut pointed out, yoga pants were designed to make a woman’s ass look fantastic. So perhaps having to crawl under pine trees worked out to my advantage, all be it unintentionally.

How was your weekend? Ever gone disc golfing?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

2 thoughts on “sky above me. earth below me. fire within me.”

  1. I've gone disk golfing a few times. The park is gorgeous, isn't it? I spent the summer at my parents and went running there a few times a week. It's a hard run, but very pretty. Glad you had a nice weekend!


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