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just what the doctor ordered

I meant for this to go up earlier today, but my area of Cleveland had some power outages. Anyway, my weekend started bright and early Friday morning with a doctor’s appointment. (I know, you’re all so jealous.) It was just my, y’know, annual “woman’s exam.” (Again, I know y’all are jealous.) I didn’t know what the wait was going to be like, so I’ve been saving this month’s issues of Library Journal, Yoga Journal, and Vegetarian Times as they’ve been coming in to take with me.

Turns out I was the first appointment of the day and barely flipped the cover of one before I was called back. My blood pressure is decent (120/82), which has honestly never been a concern of mine. Even at over 300 pounds it was never something that came up in doctor’s appointments and I know I’m lucky in that regard.

Now, at the risk of entering too much information territory (boys, cover your ears) the one question I had for her was related to my period, which has gotten significantly lighter and shorter since losing all my weight. Adipose (body fat), it turns out, produces estrogen. As soon as she told me that it totally made sense as to why less body fat would have a positive effect on my monthly cycle.

Also, I know I am a Whovian when I didn’t have to ask what “adipose” means because of Doctor Who.

I was out the door within, oh, 40 minutes and I then headed back to the Towpath Trail for a run. After giving myself an out earlier in the week, I was really looking forward to this run. And as soon as I hit that pavement I felt back in the zone.

Ever have one of those runs you just didn’t want to end? It was like that. The Towpath stretches over 80 miles and had I the physical capability I would have attempted to run it all, because mentally I wanted to. Instead, I turned around after 2.5 miles to head back and had a glorious run of 3.5 miles.

(ps: I use PicMonkey for my collages)

After that, the heat and humidity started to beat down and my body got a bit resistant. Instead of forcing it, I listened and then walked the remaining 1.5 miles back to my car. So, all told I did 5 miles!

Running, walking in the beautiful outdoors along a gorgeous trail with all sorts of wildlife was just what I needed. It’s hard to tell, but the upper right picture in the collage is a bird of some sort. Heron or crane, perhaps. Just hanging out in the river. Later I saw another relatively large bird soaring and circling above the tree line, black mark against the crystal blue sky.


I’m still working on a new workout plan since the transition from summer to autumn is messing up my normal schedule. I know that eventually I will have to move indoors and onto the treadmill. I mean, I live in Cleveland. There’s no way I’m going to attempt to run outside in our winters. But I’d like to postpone the treadmill as long as possible and since  know I need to add strength training, this might be a good opportunity. I have free weights that I need to use more and I know there is a push-up app available that is very similar in structure to Couch-to-5K (the running program I used to start) that I might download.

Part of the problem is I set myself this goal of running three times a week, which was feasible in the summer when the sun was up a little after 6 and I could wake up early. Not as easy now. So all I really need to do is change my goal and come up with a new plan. Instead of worrying about how often I run, I’m going to focus on how far. Distance instead of days. Long runs are easy on the weekends, considering I get three days and I still have awhile before the snow starts and I have to go inside. If I plan runs for the weekend, that means I can find other things to do during the week, like the dumb bells or pushups or my Wii Fit. Because I like starting my mornings with some sort of physical activity and have a better day when it begins with endorphins.

Speaking of what The Doctor ordered (see what I just did there?) I really want these TARDIS knee high socks a friend alerted me to. Y’know, I have a 5K in October and another in November. It’s probably gonna be a wee bit chilly and my legs might need some warming up…

Does your fitness routine change season to season?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

6 thoughts on “just what the doctor ordered”

  1. I ran outside all of last winter in NYC. To be fair, it was a very mild winter, but I find that it is actually much easier to run outside in the winter than to run outside in the heat and humidity of the summer. Obviously, I'm not recommending you run before sunrise, but perhaps you will still be able to get out on the weekends for a few wintertime runs. Don't knock it until you've tried it!


  2. I might consider it! We had a fairly mild winter, too, so if this year is like the past winter it wouldn't be too bad. But we've had some crazy winters in the past where it would potentially be downright dangerous.


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