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recap: Nature’s Bin 5K

Saturday’s lucky number was #72. That, of course, being my race number for the Nature’s Bin 5K, held in Lakewood, Ohio. I spent the whole week watching the weather, which kept fluctuating between rain and sun. Luckily it ended up being a very sunny day, albeit a very cold one. 
The route was flat and through a lovely Lakewood neighborhood. About halfway through one of the runners just ahead of me turned around and waved: a childhood friend was not only also racing, but it was her very first 5K! I’m so proud of her as she did a fantastic job. After we were done she mentioned she picked this one specifically as her first because of the flat route. I’m glad at least one person has learned from my zoo experience!
My parents were unable to make it to the race but my friend’s mom was there, waiting at the finish line with a camera. I know it sounds silly, but it is nice having a mini cheerleading section at the end of a race. Especially when you’re me and have a racing scrapbook.
When I saw the clock at the finish line I was convinced I had made the same time as my last 5K, but after double-checking the numbers it turned out I was wrong. This race was run in 43:28, so about thirty seconds slower. But I ran both with 14 minute miles so I am very happy with my time! I also placed 196 out of  212. Far cry from last place, eh?

We ended up with a sweet swag bag, including a long-sleeved tech shirt, lunch bag, water bottle, and coupon to Nature’s Bin. They also had some raffles after the race. My ticket ended up being the first ticket pulled and I won a $25 gift card to Deagan’s. (I may have been so excited I gave a fist pump and yelled “Yes!”)
The route started and ended at Lakewood Park, which was a gorgeous area of the city. It’s not that far from me, either, so I may have to head over there sometimes for a run. I always love finding new spots.
Over the past few weeks I’ve mentioned that I’ve been in a bit of a funk. Fatigue and just an overall blah feeling and a sore throat that lasted for two weeks. Last Monday I went to the clinic and was given some antibiotics and have felt way better. For about a month running was becoming tedious and I was loathing the inevitable return to the treadmill. I knew I had to get some runs in before the race, so twice after work last week I got on that treadmill and ran. Not for very far and not for very long, but I forced myself to run at a pace that pushed me.

I may hate the treadmill, but it’s proof that the only one holding back my speed is me. Outside I can get a bit lazy about really challenging my pace. Not so on the treadmill, and that’s probably one reason why I did so well in the 5K. Because I knew I could. Plus, it’s not like I have to run five miles on the treadmill. 15, 20 minutes a couple times a week still counts.

Not only that, but I ran 3.1 miles on Saturday and then woke up early Sunday morning and ran another 3.25. Pace was pretty slow, but 3.25 miles is 3.25 miles.

I’ve also continued doing my Sun Salutations/Plank routine each weekday morning and while I’m still not yet back under 200 after last week’s gain, I am still making progress. This week I lost 0.8 lbs for a total of 109.8!

It could be easy to get discouraged by that number. To be under 200 one week and then to find yourself in a position where it’s taking you awhile to get back under. But the scale, that number, is only one small part of this overall journey. For instance, this past week I ran a total of 8.3 miles. I realize that for many runners that might not seem like a whole lot, but that’s the most miles I’ve logged in a single week in a very, very long time. I ran 8.3 miles. I ran 4 days. I had a fantastic 5K. I also ate out twice over the weekend and still lost weight.

I’ll get back under 200 eventually and I’ll get to goal eventually and until that happens, I’m okay with where I am. This is one area of my journey that shouldn’t be treated like a race.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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