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Despite the evidence to the contrary, like, say nearly suffocating myself in yoga class and losing a shit ton of weight and getting fitted for an H cup size, I have no real appreciation for the size of my chest. Not that I ever did: looking back at the low-cut tops I used to wear in college, I cringe with mortification. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking, only that looking down my chest never really seemed that big.

Actually, it wasn’t until looking at the “I’ve Lost A Missy” photo from my friend’s wedding the other week that I fully grasped the extent of my endowment. Because looking at that picture, all I could think was I’ve lost 100+ pounds and my chest is still fucking huge. But it’s not until I compare that photo to a much older one that I see that my chest has, in fact, shrunk. Which means that for all those years I was in a DD or DDD I should have been in, like, an L or something (I don’t know if that’s a real thing, but wouldn’t surprise me).

Which brings me to the topic of sports bras.

Never fully appreciating the size of my chest means I never fully appreciated the bounce factor. And let me tell you, there is most definitely a bounce factor.

Here’s me, running since February, a mix of indoor and outdoor, and it wasn’t until last night when I was on the treadmill that I actually made an effort to look into the mirror and see my profile.

And oh holy hell.

To steal a line from Dolly Parton in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas: Me? Jumpin’ up and down? I’d black both my eyes! 


Therefore, dear readers, I am in need of sports bra recommendations. Really, really supportive sports bra recommendations. Because, let’s face it: If I’ve lost this much weight and still have a rather substantial bosom, chances are I’m always going to have a rather substantial bosom. And while I’m okay bouncing on the treadmill where no one can see me and I’m not running more than two miles, once next year rolls around and I’m running more and training for a half, I’m going to need good support. So I might as well nip this is in the bud bust now.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

18 thoughts on “busted”

  1. I wear TERRIBLE sports bras, so I can't make recommendations based on experience. However I was looking through this month's Women's Health magazine this past weekend and they have a whole spread on good sports bras (with different purposes). Might be worth checking out! – Yo sister.


  2. I don't know how far up they go, but I have a DKNY underwire sports bra that is fabulous. Zero bouncing, no pain. 🙂



  3. Jill, Well you know me in person so you know I have a larger bust as well. I have such an awful bounce factor I hate it! What I did was I got a sports bra from Dicks. I made sure it fit a little tight and also covered fully. I mean you don't need cleveage while running! 🙂 And then I also put a tighter fitting cami over that. my bounce factor is a ZERO! I would just say to keep it a little tighter than usual. You want to be comfortable and what not but the tighter it fits the less bounce


  4. Jill –

    As a DD Zumba Fitness instructor, “I'm with ya, sister!”

    Title Nine has an entire online shop that they appropriately call “Bounce,” which carries bras up to size 48F. I *love* the “Hallelujah” sports bra; it is highly supportive – lifts AND separates (no uni-boob here) with adjustable, padded straps. Although I originally bought this bra on T9, I found that you can buy the same bra Amazon for less $, under the brand “Glamourize” (full figured sports bra.) Amazon sells it up to a G cup.

    T9 also has what they call “The Last Resort Bra” which looks like a tank! I've never tried it, as Hallelujah was enough for me, but it appears that this would be an effective product, and is the only bra to receive T9's highest support rating.

    FWIW, I also have a 7 Wonders Bra from T9, and like that one as well, but sizes run a little smaller than the Hallelujah, and you don't get the same great separation.

    Yes, the bras are expensive, but they are soooo worth it!


  5. I'm with Corinne up there. I'm a D cup and I wear a sports bra that's a little tighter along with a a racer back tank on top to keep the girls in. It works great! I don't feel too constricted and I'm not bouncing everywhere either. I get mine from Target, their Champion line. 🙂


  6. Moving Comfort is THE way to go!! I have had to double bra it since I was 13 and now am a 40DD. I recently discovered MC bras and even though there is still a little jiggle, it's not bad at all!


  7. I'm just lurking on your comments to see what suggestions others had for you. I have no good suggestions. I'm a DD right now and wear two bras, but I have not found anything that works all that well.


  8. Moving comfort is amazing. I run long distances and have a large chest and they have solved all my issues. I have found the best way to buy this is – like “sierra trading post on facebook” and wait for a coupon (30 or 35% off) then go on their site and buy the bra. The two styles I like are Juno and the Fiona. The fiona is great for shorter runs and the Juno is best for longer runs. Also once you figure out where the sportsbra is going to rub when you run long distances, buy body glide and that will stop any rubbing sores. Good luck!


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