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my prasarita padottanasana brings all the boys to the yard

As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, I’m participating in the Grow Soul Beautiful October Yoga A Day Challenge on Instagram. Unlike the other month-long Instagram challenges I’ve attempted to do, this one I’m actually following through on. It’s been so much fun. Challenging in some cases, but fun. Most of the photos are taken in my apartment (with a few at work when I forgot to do it that morning), but yesterday was Downward Facing Dog and I decided it would be cool to take it outside.

I was up pretty early, 8ish, and immediately headed over to Edgewater Park for a three mile run. Edgewater is the site of my upcoming 5K in November and while I’m used to running over there, the course route goes up the big ol’ hill, which I’ve always avoided up until this point. But with a few weeks to go until the 5K I figured I might as well use the park’s close proximity to my advantage and get used to running up and down the hill.
Even with having to walk up half the hill and without pushing my pace, I still ran three miles in 44 minutes, so by the time the actual 5K rolls around I should be in pretty good shape! I mean, other than that singular hill it’s pretty flat and I always run faster in races. It’s gonna be chilly, but the long-sleeved tech t-shirt I got at the Nature’s Bin 5K is perfect and I did end up ordering the TARDIS knee high-socks so no worries here.
After the run I found a spot along the path and, using a camera app with a timer, snapped a pic in Down Dog. I love it so much I made a whole new blog banner using it, so if you’re reading this in an RSS feed or you’re subscribed to my email, I suggest ya pop on over and see it. Look at me, going all #sweatpink with my shoelaces and gloves (those were last year’s birthday present to myself.) I absolutely love how the new banner completely brightens up my blog. 
And forget my flat feet, just look at those legs of mine. I can’t stop staring. 
I also can’t stop staring at my picture from Day 11, Wide Legged Forward Bend. 
This pose is, without a doubt, one of my favorites. It might even be my actual favorite, though I hate saying that when there are so many undiscovered and unconquered poses out there. Now, aside from the fact that I’m doing this pose in jeans (and size 14 jeans at that. Holla!) can we all just pause for a moment to look at my back. Because, seriously, who knew an upper back could look so fucking hot. 
To be fair, it should be noted that the mid-section of my arms have lots of loose skin and the indentation gives the illusion of muscle, but the upper back and shoulders are legit. And it’s the upper back I can’t get over. Like, what? This picture I love so much I made it the cover picture to the blog’s Facebook page. I mean, hello. How could I not?
The reason I’m wearing jeans in the picture is because Thursday was Dress Down Day at work. A monthly event, staff and students pay to wear jeans and the money always goes to a charity. This time around it was to benefit my November 5K fundraising efforts which supports LMM’s Next Step program. When I first set up my fundraiser page I set a goal of $300, but thanks to the generosity of my co-workers and students along with friends and family, I’ve already raised $455
I would love, love, love to make it an even $500, so I would really appreciate it if y’all would consider donating. No amount is too small and you will be helping out a great Cleveland organization.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekends! I’m headed to yoga then off to Stars Hollow for the weekend. Papa G. and I are headed to a benefit tonight and tomorrow we’re going to see Anything Goes at Playhouse Square! I’m so excited!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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