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what I love wednesday: cleveland food scene

Y’all know I heart Cleveland. And while there are many, many things to love about this fair city of mine, one of my favorites is the amazing selection of restaurants available. No boring predictable chain restaurants here. I mean, hello, we’re home to an Iron Chef.

We have it all: like your grilled cheese with a bit of pizzazz? Or think a fried egg sounds like an excellent hot dog topping? What about made-to-order tacos? Just last weekend I tried Brgr9 and had the most fabulous vegan burger and two weekends ago, Wearing Mascara and I hit up El Maya in Berea for what was some of the best Mexican I’ve had in awhile (why are the best Mexican joints always in strip plazas?)

I once read that when visiting a new city, if you want to try the local cuisine don’t ask for the “best” restaurant as they’ll just recommend the fanciest, most expensive, etc. Instead, frame it like this: Say life/job/whatever circumstances took you out of the country for an entire year. Upon your return, what’s the first restaurant you’d go to? My answer, without a doubt, would be Bac. Every time I go I say I should try something new, but I inevitably always order the avocado green curry with tofu because it’s that damn good.

Even our grocery shopping is off the hook with good ol’ West Side Market, currently partying it up for its centennial. Right across the street from the market is Great Lakes Brewery. Walk around Ohio City in the weeks leading up to the holidays and you’ll see people carrying cases of Christmas Ale out of the shopfront.

I also don’t think enough people realize how veg-friendly the city can be. There’s Tommy’s on the East Side, Flaming Ice Cube downtown, and Root Cafe on the West Side. There’s even a vendor at WSM that sells vegan options.

Like I said, we got it all.

(For a more comprehensive list of veg options, check out my friend Lindy Loo’s blog Vegan in Cleveland.)

Source: GV Art + Design

Speaking of blogging, one of the other things I love about Cleveland is the blogging community, with Cleveland’s A Plum being a favorite. Alexa is celebrating her 1000th post and in honor of this huge achievement she’s giving away a smorgasbord (pun intended) of Cleveland foodie goodies. I’m talking $1250 worth of local nomness, including Fahrenheit, Noodlecat, XYZ, and Greenhouse Tavern.


Y’know, my 31st birthday is coming up very soon (*cough* November 12 *cough*) and having a selection of gift cards to choose from would mean a very good time would be had by all….

Even if you don’t live here, you should still totally enter ’cause then you have a reason to come and visit and find out for yourself why Cleveland rocks! And if you still aren’t buying the whole cool factor, read some of the comments at the bottom of the post to find out why other people think Cleveland’s a plum.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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