5k, running

a necessary evil

After work on Monday I met up with my old nemesis, the treadmill. We indulged in a quickie — only twenty minutes — which is about as much as I can muster without wanting to much somebody in the face. Why is it that I can easily run close to an hour outside but fifteen minutes on the treadmill feels like pulling teeth? Torture, people. Torture.

It seriously kills me. Five minutes on a treadmill and I’m ready to give up and I then have to spend the next 10-15 minutes talking to myself into continuing. And then I’m lucky if I manage to get a mile and a half out of the thing, because for whatever reason I am unable to run the same pace on the treadmill as I am outside. It’s ridiculous and annoying and frustrating.

Which is why I so look forward to my Friday morning runs.

3.6 miles. 52 minutes. 14:27 average pace. Boom. (I wanted to go for longer and had I eaten my banana beforehand like I was supposed to I probably could have done 4 miles. Ooops.)

Not only that, check out these splits:

I don’t care what your normal pace is. You could be a 16 minute miler or a 6 minute miler. Doesn’t matter, because all runners understand the significance of getting faster with each mile.

Next week’s run will actually be on Saturday, since that’s the day of the LMM Next Step Run For Shelter 5K over at Edgewater Park.

With one week to go until the race, I’ve done a tremendous job raising money for the Next Step Program: $830 so far! When I first signed up for the fundraising challenge I wanted to raise $300 for this amazing organization and now I find myself continually upping my goal! But even with all that I’ve raised and the generous contributions of friends and family, I’m not about to start slacking so I’d like to once again ask y’all to consider donating to this worthwhile cause.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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