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thirty-one days, thirty-one asanas

First off, I hope everyone has survived the storms and all readers in the Northeast are safe and dry! Here in the Cleveland area we’ve had rain (lots and lots of rain) and power outages. Monday the power went out at work so I got to go home a smidge early and the weather was horrific the next day, so Tuesday I didn’t have to go in until after lunch. But I know our experiences are mild compared to those further east so I count myself very, very lucky.

Right. So. In case you haven’t checked a calendar today, it’s Halloween! Best. Day. Ever. (And I say that as someone with a birthday less than two weeks away). But not only is it the best day ever, it’s the last day of the Grow Soul Beautiful October Yoga Challenge! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (and if you don’t you should), you’ve been able to keep up with my daily pictures but I thought it would be fun to put them all together.

Some were old favorites, some new and challenging. But each shows the power of the body and the beauty in form and movement. I mean, hello, remember my sweet back muscles? More than anything, though, I think this challenge was an opportunity to show that there is no ideal yoga body type. Going through the #yogaaday hashtag on Twitter, I loved seeing all the different sizes and shapes represented and rocking the mat.

Of course, if you can do math you’ll note that there are only thirty poses there. Which, of course, brings us to the final pose and because I’m a super big geek and love this holiday so much, I did it in my TARDIS costume.

Because that’s how I roll, yo.

Speaking of yoga for all shapes and sizes, Anna over at Curvy Yoga is hosting a Virtual CurveFest on November 10th! From noon to 4 (EST), there are three one hour sessions with practices and meditations and subjects like body acceptance and it’s going to be totally awesome and totally online and, best of all, totally FREE! (And no, despite the name, you don’t have to be curvy to participate. That’s the beauty of Curvy Yoga — it’s all about making yoga accessible to everybody and every body.) I have to miss the first half hour or so ’cause of my normal Saturday Ashtanga practice, but I’m so going to be there for the rest of it and I hope you decide to join me!

The Next Step Run For Shelter 5K is this Saturday, and so far I’ve managed to raise over $1000! But I would love to be able to present them with more, so I’m asking once more for y’all to consider donating to this fantastic Cleveland organization!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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