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What I Love Wednesday: Streaks App

As I mentioned on Monday, I am now 32 34 days soda free!

Cutting out soda (yes, I live in Northeast Ohio where we call it pop. Blame my two years in Kentucky) is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, I could just never find the right combination of motivation and determination. It’s not that I drank it all that often and I’ve always been good about drinking water, but I knew I really didn’t need soda. What I did need was something that would keep me on track.

Enter Streaks App.

Need Motivation? There’s an app for that

I had seen this app mentioned by other people in the Healthy Living Community but, y’know, I like free apps and wasn’t sure the $1.99 is worth it. (It is, FYI.) One thing this app allows that the free ones didn’t was you can have calendars. So I have my No Soda Calendar and my Sun Salutations/Plank A Day morning routine calendar. Both calendars were started on November 1st and since I check off the second one in the mornings, I’m at Day 35! That’s thirty five #plankadays!

The App is super easy to use. You pick the goal, how often you want to perform the task, and if there are any days that are okay to skip. So they don’t have to be daily goals and in the case of my Sun Salutations I could reasonably skip on Saturdays, which is when I have Ashtanga and do 10 Sun Salutations anyway. But, as I like keeping up with the daily routine I still do them before class.

But the really great thing about this app is it keeps me motivated. Who would have thought I’d get such pleasure and satisfaction in creating a little X on a calender? Some mornings I would much rather sleep in for an extra ten minutes than get my salutations on. Or I’m out to dinner and want something to drink besides boring ol’ water. Knowing I have the app waiting keeps me on task. Sissy keeps one for her plank a days and skipped a day in the beginning and mentioned how it was a little sad seeing the counter for her current streak reset to zero.

As far as I know, this particular app is only available on the iPhone but Sissy found a similar one for Android. And you don’t have to use it just for healthy living stuff either: anything you do on a routine basis but need just a little extra motivation for, this is the app for you!

Do you have any daily tasks? How do you keep track? 

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

12 thoughts on “What I Love Wednesday: Streaks App”

  1. Sister, the Driod version is called “Habit Streak” and it is awesome – I use the free version, and have no complaints! 28 days no soda & 19 days of planks! Woohoo!


  2. Great job with going soda free! My boyfriend had a soda addiction in college but he's cut back. We don't have it in the house anymore on a regular basis. When I do buy it, I buy a bottle or two and when it's gone, it's gone.


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