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my healthy holiday gift guide

As Christmas is just over the river and through the woods, I thought some of you might still be scrambling for last minute gift ideas. While the holidays are known as a time for excess and overindulgence, they don’t have to be. Especially when it comes to presents. If anything, this is the time of year when people make plans and, well, resolutions, to get healthier which means it’s the perfect time for you to help them out with some healthy living and fitness related gifts!

There are so many options and similar lists out there on the good ol’ interwebs, so think of this as my own personal episode of Oprah’s Favorite Things. Only, y’know, without Oprah. And free stuff for my live audience.

(Full blogger disclosure: I’m not getting compensated for any of the mentions on this list. These are items I use in my everyday life and really do love. That being said, I am a member of the Amazon Associates Program, so if you purchase any items through my Amazon Store I do receive a small commission.) 

For the Runner
Running gear can get pretty expensive so gift cards to athletic stores are always appreciated. I’m also the type to fully support shopping local. Here in Cleveland we have Cleveland Running Company on the east side to Second Sole on the west and quite a few in between and in the ‘burbs, such as Vertical Runner.

The SPIbelt is the Mary Poppins of running accessories, because while it looks small it expands to hold a ton of stuff. I can fit my iPhone and full set of keys and still have room to spare, yet even with all of that in there it doesn’t bounce and I often forget I’m wearing it. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns and are now offered in a Plus Size version which is the same as the original but with a longer belt. $20 – $30

For the Yogi
For the curvy yogi consider buying Permission to CURVE from This eBook is the perfect resource for someone interested in starting a yoga practice but feels slightly intimidated. Don’t let the name fool you, as Anna’s tips are for yogis of every size, age, and ability. The basic eBook is $25 and includes 15 video interludes but for $97 you get the eBook and an expanded video library.

Yup. Yoga pose shaped cookie cutters, courtesy of Yummi Yogi. I mean, hello, how fabulous are these? There’s Tree Pose, Down Dog, Warrior III, Warrior II, and Crescent Lunge. Truthfully this is the one item on this list I don’t actually own, so if anyone wants to buy me them I promise cookies as a thank you. $40 for set of 5 

For the Weight Watcher
We all know losing weight during the holidays is difficult, so help ’em out with some tools of the trade. Me, I would be lost without my food scale. At first it was weird getting used to weighing foods, but now I pretty much weigh anything I can. I still measure with cups and spoons, but with certain foods weighing just makes more sense. (There are so many food scales on the market, but mine costs about $20).

Speaking of food, packing my lunch and taking it to work everyday has been a huge assistance in keeping me on track and I love my Sistema Lunch Cube container! Can put a sandwich in without worrying about it getting smushed, plus there is room for some fruit, hardboiled egg, baby carrots, etc. $6

H2O is, of course, a very necessary part of a healthy lifestyle and now that I’ve given up soda, water is pretty much the only thing I drink. But constantly buying bottled water is expensive and bad for the environment, so I always have my favorite handy-dandy reusable water bottle. It holds 24 ounces and has a little handle which makes it easy to carry. But what I really like is that on the lid is sliding intake meter, so I can keep track of how much I drink during the day! $10

For the Foodie
Since I love to cook and bake, I can’t put this list together without including a few cookbooks. Two of my absolute favorites are Appetite for Reduction and the brand new Happy Herbivore Abroad. While both books are vegan, I promise omnivores will also love the recipes in these books. The recipes are fast and fabulous and will please a wide range of palates (I highly recommend the tortilla soup from Appetite For Reduction & Cuban Black Bean soup from Happy Herbivore Abroad). $12- $25

Y’all know I love me some peanut butter. And I especially love me some Peanut Butter & Co. peanut butter. This mix has all of my favorite flavors (because it’s impossible to pick just one) but they also have a ton of other gift box options. Some even include jelly and marshmallow fluff (which is usually vegetarian, as it doesn’t include geletin)! $32+ for gift assortments

Stocking Stuffers
It’s winter. Which means it’s cold outside. Which means your favorite runner is layering it up, so throw in a pair of festive knee high socks! Team Sparkle has some fabUlous options and you know I love my TARDIS socks (and totes plan on buying the Dalek ones soon). For the techie who has a love for fitness related apps, consider an iTunes gift card. Lip balm is always nice for those of us who like exercising outside and you can never go wrong with a really basic pedometer.

So those are some of my favorite gift ideas! To round things out, I also asked on Twitter and Facebook for suggestions, and got Polar Heart Rate monitors, FitBitCamelbak water bottle and GPS watch.

Finally, while exercise is a great way to reduce stress, sometimes you need a bit of extra help in that area. Particularly around the holidays, so a gift certificate for a massage would make an ideal gift for just about everyone on your list. And if you’re in Cleveland I suggest Anat. Massage Therapy. Tell Lauren I sent you.

What are some of the healthy gifts you’re planning on giving (or hoping to receive) this year?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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  1. Thank you for the running belt recommendation! I've been looking for something like this for my husband, but didn't think of a belt. I had come across an arm band and wrist band. Iwas worried those wouldn't be big enough for a phone, etc. and worried it'd be too big and loose on his skinny arms.


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