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What I Love Wednesday: Craigslist

A tremendous THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me in the Reduced Fat Girl Giveaway! I was in third place with almost 8500 votes which is so much more than I could have even hoped for. I’m still going to be able to get my Polar Heart Rate Monitor, too, so yay! You guys have no idea how much your love and support means to this little blogger, so thanks for reading and voting and all of your kind comments about my journey.

Anyone else a Craigslist addict? I love perusing the furniture section, just to see what is out there. I’m usually looking for organization pieces for specific rooms: like, I’m in desperate need for a new entertainment center/DVD storage and my kitchen could use some extra space.

Recently, it also dawned on me that I could search for certain brands. Which is how I stumbled upon a listing for an IKEA bookshelf.

Instagram: Jill_Grun

The listing was for $25, I offered $20 and the seller accepted. He lived just a neighborhood over, so on Saturday afternoon after yoga and some shopping at Crate & Barrel (thank you, Sissy, for the gift card!) I went and picked it up.

This is not my first Craigslist purchase. I also own a purple corduroy chair I bought when I was living in Kentucky and while my mother hates is not fond of it, I swear to goddess my cats Chloe and Linus would mutiny if I got rid of it. So it stays for now.

At first I put most of my bakeware on the shelf (including a new mixing bowl set purchased with that Crate & Barrel gift card), but ultimately decided my cookbooks and Fiestaware made more sense. Of course, as I typed this it dawned on me that I can search Craigslist for Fiestaware, too (and, in fact, found a vase in the same bright red color as the loaf pan. Hmmmm….).

It’s amazing how something as simple as a new piece of furniture can give a room just the oomph it needed. I feel like I have a grown-up kitchen now!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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