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if the shoe fits

Recently I’ve noticed that the outsides of my pinkie toes have developed calluses. More than just an annoyance, they are sometimes painful, especially after a workout that involved my beloved Scott shoes. Often it was so bad that I couldn’t wear certain pairs of dress shoes to work after a run because of the pain. It took me an admittedly long time to make the connection between the pain and my running shoes and it really only occurred to me once I realized the size was all wrong.

I purchased my Scotts back in April and was measured at a size 9 1/2. Since then my feet have shrunk considerably. I don’t mean where my shoes are a teeny bit loose but I can still make them work. I’m talking two sizes, down to a 7 or 7/12 depending on the shoe. Wearing them I couldn’t feel the size difference but apparently my feet could, as my poor lil pinkie toes were being rubbed raw, literally, with every run.

Size aside, I was due for new ones anyway. Running shoes are a bit like tires in that they wear down and need replacing. (I believe the rule is every 300-400 miles depending on factors, like if you run on a treadmill versus road, etc.) A week or so ago, a certain fella who shall henceforth be referred to as Bruce Wayne told me that a nearby New Balance store was going out of business and having a ginormous sale. So on Thursday, thanks to a half day at work, I headed to the mall to see what they had.

Of course I had to put my #sweatpink laces on

Being that the sale had been going on for awhile, stock was limited but I knew what I was looking for. Specifically flat soles, like my Scott shoes. At New Balance that would be their Minimus line and luckily they still had some available for purchase, including the insanely bright neon pink pair I purchased. I tried a couple of pairs on, but the Ionix had just what I was looking for, including the flat bottoms but with stability at the heel. It was a bit of an impulse buy because I didn’t set out that day to buy shoes, but with the going out of business sale I got an insanely sweet deal, too.

Friday morning was a training run for my upcoming 10K and I was super excited to try out my new shoes. As soon as the run was over I knew I had made the right decision in purchasing them. It’s my very first pair of NB’s and I am definitely in lurve.  I’m sad to see my Scott shoes go, but I like knowing there are now at least two companies and specific pairs out there that fit my running needs.

Do you have a favorite brand of running shoes? 

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

7 thoughts on “if the shoe fits”

  1. I love those shoes!!! Such an awesome color! I am a huge Nike fan but lately I have not been finding anything that really fits what I want so I think I might go and check out new balance! -Corinne


  2. The shop at the mall is the one having the sale. Like, HUGE sale. Everything is discounted plus an additional 30% off. I got those for about $35. Selection is slim and I'm not sure how much longer they're open, but might be worth checking out. And you can stop in and visit when you're done 😉


  3. My shoes size has gone down one size & I love that. My favorite brand of running shoes is Brooks. I am on my second pair and will probably continue to buy from this brand. I think the most $$ I've ever spent on shoes was on my running ones.


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