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a case of the mondays

The last few days have been….interesting. There have been some changes going on in my world as of late, both online and off, and my word of the year is definitely being tested. Monday, especially, was a day that required a lot of deep breathing and patience. It’s one of those situations where the things you want to happen quickly don’t and the things you aren’t yet prepared for hit you over the head with how quickly the arrive.

Luckily the online changes are fun and exciting: there is a blog redesign in the works and I’m so looking forward to everything coming together. Helps to balance out the other things just a bit.

In the past, this is an instance where my anxiety and stress levels were so high I traditionally would have turned to food to calm myself. Instead, I’ve turned to fitness as a means of exerting some of the nervous energy.

(Okay. Not entirely true. My coworker brought in this to.die.for German chocolate cake yesterday. Have you ever been in a circumstance where you lose all appetite from stress? Like that time I starved myself for three days after a breakup? Right, this was that sort of situation, only work related, and upon receiving good news I felt such a wave of relief that as soon as I saw that cake I just kinda dived right in head first and had a small piece. But I’d gone for a run that morning (see: exerting nervous energy) and tracked everything and skipped the roll I brought to go with my soup for dinner so it was all good.)

Monday morning I also hopped on the scale to see I’d gone up half a pound, and while I know in the grand scheme of things it’s not that big of a deal, I went up 0.8 last week and I can’t really account for either gain, however small. I can handle one random week and know they happen from time to time, but I’m not okay with it happening two weeks in a row. Thanks to my Polar FT4 I have a better idea of how many calories I’m putting out and I’ve always been a religious tracker. Of course, I’m getting closer to goal which means it’s  going to get harder to shed weight, plus I recently added kettlebells to my routine and I know that when I really started running a year ago I gained weight then, too. Regardless, I can certainly tell clothes are fitting slightly better, even if the number on the scale isn’t supporting that.

I’m also in 10K training mode so I’m working out more often than I have in a long time and as food is fuel, this could just be something as simple as needing to eat more.

Huh. Maybe that German chocolate cake will end up being a blessing is disguise.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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