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What I Love Wednesday: Gwynnie Bee

Y’all know I love me some fabulous fashion but prefer finding a sense of style on the more economical side. Two of my favorite bloggers, Skinny Emmie and Fit and Free with Emily are both huge supporters of Gwynnie Bee and after reading their posts for months, I finally decided to sign up for a trial period.

Gwynnie Bee, you see, is the Netflix of clothes. You look through their gallery of dresses, skirts, blouses, etc., (it’s all very work appropriate, but also perfect day-to-night wear) and build a closet/queue of pieces you’d like to try. Like Netflix there are different paying tiers which determines how many clothes you are allowed to have at once, with the plans starting at $35/month (one garment at a time) and going up to $159/month (10 garments at a time). While it might seem like a lot, for roughly the same price you’d potentially spend on a single garment, you get several pieces to try out! There is no time limit on how long you can keep an item and once you mail them back, they mail new pieces out to you.

For my first shipment I got two dresses and one blouse. I am seriously in love with the blouse and may take advantage of the fact that Gwynnie Bee allows you to purchase items you’ve found through them.

Isn’t the neckline just fabulous?! It’s super cute and comfy and the ruching very slimming. I wore it on Tuesday for Mardi Gras and the teal accessories (including cute earrings from Mama Marchand) were perfect. It’s so versatile  I wore it with grey pants, as you can see, but it would be also perfect with my black skirt or even jeans!

One of the other pieces I received was this super cute black and white tunic style dress.

Awkward smile is awkward

Friday night I paired this with black tights and black pumps, but today it’s leggings and ballet flats. As you can see, with this print you don’t really need a lot of accessories but I went with big chunky blue earrings. I wore it for a Girl’s Night and as I was walking into the restaurant an older gentleman told me I looked lovely.

Why thank you very much, stranger riding his bike through the snowy streets of Cleveland.

Each garment comes with a comment card that you fill out, asking questions like how it fits at various points (arms, neckline, waist and hips) and your overall impressions: is it sophisticated, boxy, trendy, comfortable, how’s the material, etc. Then there’s a space to write actual comments.

For my trial period I’m on the $79/three garments at a time, but if I decide to continue the service I will probably bump it down a tier or two. Just because I can’t quite squeeze/justify that into my budget. But if you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your wardrobe for a bit, I definitely recommend signing up for a free trial just to give the service a try.

Thank you so much for all of your words and support regarding my decision to stay at 175. Even after writing all of that I was worried people would think I was copping out, but the exact opposite was true! 

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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