picture perfect

Yesterday I had every intention of going to the BMV and getting an updated driver’s license. Oh yes indeedy, I’m still using my old one, although these days the difference is even more dramatic.

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Surprisingly, nobody has ever said anything to me about it. Not even the casino. But I’m leaving for Houston on Thursday and am not risking it at the airport. Luckily there is a BMV location right near work and since Monday was a holiday, Tuesday it would be.

That was the plan. Until Monday evening when I suddenly had chills so bad my teeth were chattering and muscles hurt from the spasms. My manager also told me I was burning up and then sent me home. Chills stopped soon after I got home and took a shower, although overnight I had night sweats so bad I completely soaked my sheets. And let me tell ya, that shit ain’t comfortable to sleep in once the air hits them and they cool and get that nasty clammy feeling.

Woke up Tuesday sans chills and fever, but with a full appreciation of the phrase “body aches” considering it felt like it was my entire body. So I called off work and stayed in bed with the cats, catching up on shows and sleeping. And thanks to my water bottle from the 2012 CIFF, I also stayed plenty hydrated.

As the day progressed, so did my health. I honestly have no idea what had been going on, but by end of the day it was like I hadn’t even been sick and upon waking up this morning I felt infinitely better. Enough that I was up and out the door early enough to get to the BMV when it first opened (rather than going on my dinner break). Walked up to the counter and said “I need a new license because I don’t look like this anymore.”

And, for the first time in all of the 12 years I’ve been driving (yes, I didn’t start until I was 19), it has my actual weight on it. No more license lying!

After that, I took myself out to breakfast.

Sandwich 10PP + Drink 3PP + Fruit 0PP = 13 Points Plus

Blogging from Panera. Can’t get much better than that. At least not when a non-fat, sugar-free vanilla latte is involved.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

5 thoughts on “picture perfect”

  1. I so need to get a new license too! A few people have actually said something, especially the time I applied for a new store credit card. LOL But no airport security has said a thing! But every time I pull it out I cringe at the picture! And then I laugh at how much I lied about my weight back then!


  2. Aw, anti-climactic.. so thought you were going to post the new lovely license picture. 😀 Either way, you look totally fabulous and congrats on the major loss! I'm due for a new license in a few weeks, and I won't lie that a slimmer face isn't my goal, too… I've lost 40 since the last one, and I've been working towards another 10 lbs before then.. kinda plateau'd over the last year, I actually have 40ish to go until “goal”.


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