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hi & hello from houston

Can you believe my first 10K is finally here? Because I sure can’t! (And, okay, well, technically the race is tomorrow, but y’know what I mean.) I actually arrived last night after leaving work a few hours early and luckily work is super close to the airport.

Look at all that leg room! Last time I flew was for my 30th birthday to Vegas. I weighed 260. Let me tell ya, flying at 175 is a completely different experience. Not just being comfortable in the seat or pulling the seat belt tighter. I could walk up the airplane aisle with confidence, not concerned my stupid hips would hit accidentally brush somebody. Even just walking through the airport was different. I didn’t get winded at all and opted to not use any of the motorized walkways.

I’m staying with my aunt and uncle this weekend and my uncle is racing with me tomorrow, too! This morning he and I went for a short two mile run and I am so looking forward to spring’s return to Cleveland. The weather (mid 50s) was gorgeous and should be very similar for tomorrow’s race. Today’s plan includes lunch with grandma and picking up our race packets. Tomorrow night we’re all going out to dinner with my other aunt and uncle and hopefully my cousin.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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