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what I love wednesday: graze

I’m not much of a snacker. Or at least I try not to be, but only because I’m terrible at making healthy snack choices. Don’t get me wrong, I keep plenty of healthy snacks around I just inevitably choose a less-healthy option. Plus, by not snacking I can have bigger meals, which sounds good in theory but isn’t quite so fabulous when put to practice. Not when you’re at that 3pm zone that is several hours after lunch and several hours before dinner and you’re turning into an ugly irritable hangry Hulk-like creature. It also doesn’t help when you  work a weird schedule and are eating dinner pretty early and get home late and just want a little something to nosh on.

So, over the past two weeks or so I’ve been trying to be better prepared by planning for snacks. Specifically a mid-afternoon and after-dinner snack. At least during the work week since on the weekends I can eat dinner at a more reasonable time. One way I’ve been able to do this is with the help of Graze.

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Right now the service is invite only but about a month ago I was fortunate enough to get a code. A healthy snack service, they offer two kinds of boxes: The lightbox includes snacks that are all under 150 calories while the nibblebox options are higher calories but more variety. At first I went for the lightbox but ultimately switched to the nibblebox because that’s where a lot of the nuts and seeds were. Like, say, black pepper pistachios.

Each box is $5 and you can choose if you want to get one weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month. You also get to rate all of the snacks you try, letting Graze know if you want that one more often or would prefer they don’t send it again. Considering I’m not much of a dried fruit fan (raisins are the exception to this rule), I’ve already gone into the system and told them not to send me any of the dried fruit options.

The first thing I do when I get a box is figure out the WW points. Each box includes a little booklet with the nutrition information for each item and I write it down right on the booklet. That way, when I’m trying to decide what snack to pick there is no guesswork and all the info is right there. I’ve also started keeping the snacks at work so it’s like my own private vending machine!

As you can see, the nibblebox snacks come in a wide range of point values and, admittedly, 6 points for a snack is pretty high, but like everything else with Weight Watchers, it’s just a matter of deciding if the points are worth it and if you are able to fit them into your day. Like, I’m more likely to reach for one of the higher point Graze snacks if it’s a day that included exercising.

And, of course, they do offer the lightbox variety of snacks which has a max calorie count of 150.

Because Graze is all about providing healthy snacks, each lil snack pack includes a symbol to help you understand the nutritional and health benefits you’re getting.


Look at it this way: a Hershey candy bar also comes in at 6 points, but at least this way I’m getting some nutritional benefits and, in some cases, also get the chocolate, too.

Like I said earlier, Graze is currently an invite-only service and, alas, I am out of invite codes at the moment. However, if you go to the website you can sign up to be emailed when the service is open to the public and as soon as I have some more invite codes I will definitely let y’all know!

Are you a snacker? Do you plan for snacks or just go for whatever happens to be available at the time?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

6 thoughts on “what I love wednesday: graze”

  1. I've been trying to get my hands on an invite code for weeks now! People keep talking about how awesome these boxes are, but not one ever has any codes to share with me!

    I guess nothing makes people want something like not letting them have it though!

    Hopefully I can get my hands on a code soon!


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