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going back to #fitfluential basics

If you pay any attention to my sidebar, you’ll notice that I’m a member of several different blogging communities including being a FitFluential Ambassador. This was the first fitness social network I was accepted into and I was so beyond thrilled that they wanted me to be a part of their community.

FitFluential Is Fitness Found
FitFluential is about so much more than just fitness. That might be the more obvious aspect, but they actually encourage a well-balanced healthy lifestyle that encompasses all areas of life and I’ve been open and honest about the fact that life as of late has been, well, a bit of a bitch. It’s getting better and there are doctors and appointments being made and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but with the change in seasons I decided it was time to really focus. Spring is a time of growth and renewal as blooms shake off winter’s grey.

The same can be said for people, making it the perfect time to embrace this change in weather as an opportunity to see a change in ourselves. As such, I’m going to make an effort to go back to the four basic elements that make up the FitFluential balanced healthy life. Think of it as personal spring cleaning.


On the weekends this is pretty much taken care of. There’s Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga Saturday mornings, I run a couple miles Fridays and often Sundays, too. I also do my kettle bells 2-3 times a week. The problem comes during the rest of the week.

I work a desk job. I also have wonky hours. Monday through Thursdays I am sitting at a desk for ten hours a day. Ten. Hours. And while I try to get up every hour or so and visit co-workers or walk around the building a bit, I guarantee there is no fucking way I get the recommended 10,000 steps. Hell, I probably barely clear 10% of that.

The thing is, there’s one part of my job I’m not taking advantage of: the downtime. And because we’re currently in state of transition, if there’s one thing I have a lot of it’s downtime. Only instead of seeing that as the true opportunity it is, I spend it watching Grey’s Anatomy or catching up on blogs. But, see, there’s enough downtime that I really can do that and still take advantage.

According to our maintenance guy, who once marked it out, eleven laps around the interior part of the building equals one mile. All it would take is about fifteen minutes every other hour and I could easily get in a few miles a day. Like yesterday, when I walked just over three over the course of a couple of hours.


I’m actually really good about getting plenty of sleep. I get home from work about 9:30, watch an episode or two of whatever current show I’m into on Amazon Prime or Netflix and am usually asleep by 11 or 11:30. Then I usually wake up between 6:30 or 7 am, depending on the exercise plan for the morning. I’m also good about sleeping through the night without waking up or tossing and turning. So this one I’m pretty confident in and don’t have to worry too much about.


This is the one I’m really still struggling with. I’ve just let life and stress get in the way. Which is happens to everyone, but it’s not like the stress is just magically going to disappear. There’s always going to be stress, whether it’s personal or professional, and my goal right now is to find a better way of coping. Because what I’m doing just isn’t working.

And the thing is, I’ll be fine through breakfast and lunch, but around dinner time something happens, which suggests there is some underlying trigger I am missing and need to sit down and figure out. All I can do is keep going and focus on making better choices with each meal and each day.

I am continuing to make healthier snack choices. There are my Graze boxes and I bought some SmartPop popcorn. I lurve me some popcorn and at only 3 Points Plus, the single serving bags are perfect for work and at home. I also put one of my Pinterest finds to use: the genius of putting celery into an almost empty jar of peanut butter and using that as the container to carry it to work is mind-blowing. How had it never occurred to me before?


A healthy lifestyle is about so much more than just eating right and exercise. It’s about being happy and surrounding yourself with people who support and encourage you. It’s about finding activities that you love and throwing yourself into them.

Like, say, putting together my racing scrapbook page for the St. Malachi 5 Mile Run. Or working on my Etsy shop. Or visiting a friend and her new baby. These are the parts of a healthy life that aren’t just about the numbers on the scale or worrying about food.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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