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girls gone mild

Friday morning I had a doctor’s appointment with my new primary care provider. It was for a physical and and as the office is less than two miles away from my apartment, when I woke up I was left with that age old dilemma: do I walk to and from the doctor’s office or do I drive and then go for a run?

Given that it was a gorgeous day outside, I decided to walk.

It was a good thing, too, because the appointment lasted much longer than I had anticipated. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I had a physical, so I had forgotten all that was involved. I didn’t get any blood work done this time, so I’ll have to go back for that. But everything else looked good! The time with my Nurse Practitioner also confirmed just how much I like her and how comfortable I feel around her. And since she is also able to do Women’s Wellness exams, too, I signed off to have my medical records faxed over from where I had been getting those done so I can start having her do those as well.

Had I planned on going for a run after the appointment, I’m not sure I would have had the time or the inclination, since I had lots of other things that needed to be done before Sissy’s bachelorette party that night!

Funny Story A: For our entire lives, people have been telling my sister and I how much we look alike but I’ve never seen it until this picture. In my defense, when your face is hiding under 135 pounds of excess weight and fat, it’s not easy to see your true features. (And what I actually always remember being told was that I look like our dad but act like our mom while Sissy looks like our mom but acts like our dad.)

Sissy was very specific in what did and did not want at her party. She also had a bridal shower the next day so it’s not like she’d want to show up hung-over or anything. Luckily, with me as her MOH she was in good hands: we had dinner at Pickwick & Frolic followed by some swanky bowling at The Corner Alley. The guest list consisted of her two bridesmaids plus some of our cousins and after a few left after the bowling, the rest of us went to another bar on E. 4th for a drink before heading home ourselves. The Bride-to-Be was in bed by midnight, but she was thrilled.

Three of us actually spent the night at a hotel near downtown Cleveland and had a lovely, lazy morning before getting ready for her shower. Although, let it be said that you know your caffeine addiction is bad when you’re driving in circles around a shopping plaza, yelling at the Google Maps app on your phone because you can’t figure out where the stupid Starbucks is.

True story.

But once I got my skinny vanilla latte (with an extra shot), all was right with the world and we three gals dolled ourselves up and headed to Stars Hollow for Sissy’s bridal shower. It was a lovely luncheon hosted by friends of the family. There was one game, which was matching up the wedding custom with the superstition that created it. Naturally, because my head is full of the most random bits of trivia ever, I got a perfect score and, as my prize, a lovely Pansy to take home.

I don’t really do flowers, but this one looks easy enough to maintain. Also, here’s that random bits of trivia in action: While writing Gone With the Wind, author Margaret Mitchell had a rather important character named Pansy. Then, right before the book went to print she had a change of heart and the character was named Scarlett instead. (Can you imagine? Pansy O’Hara?)

Funny Story B: At the shower, someone from my parents’ church came up to me after we’d been there for awhile and said “I was asking if you were coming and someone had to point you out to me. I didn’t even recognize you!”

How was everyone else’s weekend? For those that celebrate the holiday, I hope you all had a lovely Easter!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

4 thoughts on “girls gone mild”

  1. So i am glad I am not the only one with the same Starbucks problem. Google maps (or the GPS) and I have had many fights about the correct location of a Starbucks. Sometimes they get you so close but yet so far when you can't actually find it in the shopping center!


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