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running on sunshine

My favorite part about the change in seasons from winter to spring isn’t the warmer weather or excuse to wear flip flops or my big ass movie star sunglasses. While I love those parts about spring and summer, the truth is I’m most excited about getting back into my pre-work running routine.

While I can and have used the treadmill before work (it was necessary to keep up with my 10K training), if I’m going to wake up early for a run, I much prefer it if it’s outside. The calm quiet of an empty city, the cusp of sun as it raises itself across the back drop of the skyline. There’s really nothing like it so I was so happy this past weekend when I realized that sunlight was appearing earlier and earlier and I’d be able to get back into my outdoor groove. Which is exactly what I did yesterday morning.

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That’s just over two miles worth of work! Of course, looking at my splits from my Runkeeper app I didn’t pace myself well: I killed that first mile (well, for me) but it wasn’t a pace I could easily keep up with for the second and even while running I could tell I was slowing down. I think I was just so ecstatic to be running outside that I just burst out lightning speed and didn’t think long term. Regardless, I am quite happy with the 12 minute average!

One of my goals for this summer with regards to my running is working on speed. I’ve tried doing speed intervals on the treadmill and man that’s quite a workout. I know I have it in me to run faster than I do, as that 11 minute mile from yesterday morning proves. I just have to find a way to harness that ability of mine and put it to good use!

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor running? Any suggestions on how to build up my speed?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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