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there’s no crying in baseball

It’s Friday, which means I am once again off to Tower City Cinemas for the second weekend of the 37th Cleveland International Film Festival and, believe it or not, I suspect I’ll be seeing just as many films this weekend as last, if not more.

Because I’m feeling all fabulously film fest-y, it was fitting that I saw this article on Men’s Fitness about the  10 Greatest Movie Training Montages Ever on Wednesday as it got me thinking about some of my own favorite clips. While I’m not really that big of a sports fan in real life, I simply adore sport movies. Especially when we’re supposed to be cheering for the underdog. ‘Cause who doesn’t love the underdog?

So while I’m off indulging in my love of independent film, I’m leaving y’all with some of my favorite sports movie clips to get you through the weekend.

What are some of your favorite sports movies?
Love from the ashes,Lady Lazarus

6 thoughts on “there’s no crying in baseball”

  1. We must have similar taste b/c I love all the movies you posted clips from. My only addition is “The Big Green”. It was a Disney kid's movie, but a real “underdog” story. I knew as soon as I saw “There's no crying in baseball” I was definitely reading this. Great post!!


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