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dress to kill at the cleveland international film festival

Hope everyone had a fun and fantastic weekend while I was hanging out at the 37th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival! All told I saw 8 Narratives/Feature Films, 8 Documentaries, and 4 Shorts Programs. While that’s a few more films than I saw last year, when it comes to film festival junkies that’s on the low end of the movie-watching spectrum. If a person attends every day of the festival and watches a film during each round, they have the potential to view 75 films over the course of the festival. While that may seem rather excessive, believe me when I tell you there are many, many people up to the challenge.

Of course, now I’m falling into that post-film-festival funk. The one where I have to wait a year until I get to feel like Mary Poppins again and live in Tower City Cinemas (I also don’t know who runs their social media, but the employee behind their Twitter account and I are like BFFs now).

Yesterday was not only the final day of the festival it was also t-shirt day! If you wore a shirt (or sweatshirt) from anyone of the previous festivals you were entered into a drawing to win an all-access pass to the 38th Cleveland International Film Festival.

Being the crazy and clever gal that I am, with the help of the magic of YouTube and a handful of safety pins I was able to take last year’s adorable volunteer t-shirt and Macgyver it into a dress!

I got lots of compliments on it and with the leggings it was really comfortable (which is key if you plan on spending your day sitting in a movie theater seat). I was also able to take it off without having to remove the safety pins and the graphic on the front is so freaking cute I may end up wearing it as a dress again.

Then, though, once I got home again I got curious about my 2011 volunteer shirt. This is the only piece of clothing I still own from when I weighed 311 pounds. Over the past two years, it honestly never ever occurred to me to keep any of those old garments. The only reason I still have this particular one is because it’s related to the film festival.

That bright orange monstrosity behind me (seriously, who picked that color?) is a 2XL and it boggles my mind that at one point in my life, not that long ago in the grand scheme of things, I actually wore that shirt. That I required a shirt that big. Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words.

And as much as I love having these too-big-for-me shirts and evidence of how far I’ve come, a gal is also inclined to want a film festival shirt that fits the way it’s supposed to without requiring safety pins. So thanks to some winning luck at the Horseshoe Casino, I bought a new one. It’s a long-sleeved t-shirt with a hood and because it’s so awesome it’s on back order because I’m a procrastinator who waited until the last day of the festival to purchase it. But for a size medium shirt that I know will still fit for the 2014 festival, I’m willing to wait.

How was your weekend? Any other Cleveland readers attend the Film Festival? See any good flicks?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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