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happy one year blogiversary to moi!

So, um, how is it already May? I mean, really. ‘Cause it seriously feels like just yesterday I was complaining about winter snow.

Nope, wait, that was actually just last week. Hello Northeast Ohio. 
The Year of the Phoenix technically has two anniversaries: There is the day I started the blog and the day I focused on being a healthy living blog. Over the past year I feel like I’ve really found my niche so it’s weird to think about the fact that I spent the first four months blogging about anything and everything. Now, though, things feel like home. Like I’m blogging about what I’m supposed to be blogging about. So by the powers vested in me by the state of blogdom everywhere, I henceforth declare May 1st my blogiversary! 
Seriously, y’all have no idea how much it means to me that I have such fabulous and faithful readers. Your comments, emails, Facebook likes, etc., warm my little heart. Really. I also love the community of other healthy living bloggers I’ve met (I was so so so hoping to attend FitBloggin‘ this year but it’s the same weekend as Sissy’s wedding). But most of all I love having the space to share my story with all of you, even when the current chapter isn’t my favorite. However if there’s one thing I’ve learned as both a lifelong writer and reader it’s that you always have the opportunity to turn the page. 
Today is also the day I am six months soda free! Lemme tell ya, I did not think I was gonna last one week let alone twenty-four of them. In a row. I don’t miss it, either, which is a pleasant surprise. Nope, me and good ol’ H2O (often, of course, in the form of tea) are best buds these days.

One year healthy living blogging plus six months soda free seems to suggest that May is going to be a really, really awesome month. Which is good, because there’s lots going on with bridal showers and Mother’s Day and my second 10K is just around the corner! All I’m hoping is to do as well if not better time wise than my first. The boost of extra sun at the beginning and end of each day means lots more opportunities to train during the work week so I think it seems like a reasonable goal! I’ll also be attending my first marathon expo the Friday before the race and I’m super excited about that and can’t wait to tell y’all about it. 

How was your April? Any big plans or goals on your May agenda?
Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

3 thoughts on “happy one year blogiversary to moi!”

  1. 6 months soda free. That is crazy awesome.
    I am still really working on the healthy living part of my blogging. Need to get my food on track!


  2. Yay for the Grunenwald sisters going soda free! Aunt Joan told me she stopped drinking soda too!

    Love ya

    PS, did you know you spilled my real name in a posting a few weeks ago?? I guess the secret is out 🙂


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