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hello weekend

Mama here had herself a very good week.

First, my food choices were spot on. Part of it, I think, is switching when I eat dinner. My work schedule is wonky and I usually end up eating dinner at work around 4:30 or 5. That is really kind of early and while I try to plan for evening snacks, by the time I get home I am in my kitchen, packing my lunch and dinner for the next day, and inevitably munching and grazing and it’s just not good. So all this week I have managed to wait until I get home to eat dinner. Sure, I’m eating fairly late (like after 8 pm) but I’ve stayed on track all week so I think it’s helping. 
Of course, now we are getting into the weekend and that’s where I have the most trouble, but hopefully the momentum of the past few days will carry through.
So food is good. Exercise is good, too, thanks to the early daylight. It kills me that just a few weeks ago I was struggling to wake up at 7:30 and these days I’m up at 6ish ready to work out. Yesterday morning, for instance, I was up and out the door around 6:45 and went for a little over two mile run. It was fabulous and definitely set a positive, motivated tone for the rest of the day. 
Yesterday I was also given an opportunity to tour the Fairview Park Earth Fare store. I’ve shopped there before but I loved getting a more intimate look at the company and their food philosophy. And while they are primarily a grocery store they do offer other items, too, including some super sweet bath and body products. 
Like Broo
Which is a line of hair care products. 
Made from beer. 
Monday I’m going to have a more detailed post about the store and some of their products and why they are oh-so-awesome (as if beer shampoo wasn’t enough), so be sure to check back in a few days for that. There might even be a giveaway involved (wink wink). 
Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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