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tonight I’m not takin’ no calls ’cause I’ll be dancin’

Monday evening I got home from work with every intention of doing my kettle bells. Changed into my workout clothes, put on my Polar Heart Rate Monitor, turned on the television, loaded up the Jillian Michael’s workout…

And decided I really wasn’t feeling it.

It was early enough in the evening that I could have gone for a run but I wasn’t really feeling that either.

What I was feeling however was a good ol’ fashioned Grey’s Anatomy style dance party.

So that’s what I did.


Silly? Probably. Do the people in the apartment building across the parking lot think I’m crazy? Most likely. (That’s what happens when you don’t think to close the blinds until after you are done.)

Do I care?

Hell no.

Dancing is an excellent form of exercise. Good cardio, gets your heart rate up, and pumps those endorphins. In 35 minutes I managed to burn about 250 calories. That’s on par with my running output. The key, of course, is to not just get your heart rate up but keep it up. I used the Lady Gaga Pandora station and not only did it keep me moving but I used it to find some songs to add to my running playlist! Done and done.

So just remember you don’t have to stick with your more traditional forms of exercise to get a good calorie burn. Even something as simple as dancing around your apartment like an idiot for half an hour will get the job done. Plus, the shaking of hips and boo-tay will make you feel like uber schexy and who doesn’t love that?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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