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As many of you probably already know, good ol’ Google Reader is being phased out at the end of the month. As one of the more well known ways to follow favorite blogs, this makes things tricky for both blog readers and writers. Luckily there are plenty of other methods for following my blog or finding out when a new post gets published.

Follow on Bloglovin

I finally jumped on the Bloglovin’ bandwagon a few weeks ago and so far really like it. It was easy to transfer all of my subscriptions from Google Reader over and the iPhone app means I can read blogs on the go!

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function FeedBlitz_b33deb9ccc6711e2a53c0019998b9c3fi(){var x=document.getElementsByName(‘FeedBlitz_b33deb9ccc6711e2a53c0019998b9c3f’);for(i=0;i<x.length;i++){x[i]'block'; x[i].action=';;}} function FeedBlitz_b33deb9ccc6711e2a53c0019998b9c3fs(v){v.submit();}FeedBlitz_b33deb9ccc6711e2a53c0019998b9c3fi(); Maybe an RSS reader like Bloglovin’ isn’t your thing. Maybe you prefer to get your blogs in your email. If that’s the case, then FeedBlitz is for you. All you have to do is put your email address in the box above to subscribe and whenever I have a new post it will be delivered straight to your inbox. Pretty snazzy, right?

(Plus, y’know, it’s a sneaky way to get around employers who perhaps might frown on you reading blogs at work. Just sayin’)


If you have another RSS feed service you enjoy using, here is the URL for my blog’s feed.

Facebook & Twitter

Obviously these aren’t the traditional route to following a blog, but I do post new posts on both services. It’s also a good way to interact with me outside of just reading the blog, so be sure to Like the Facebook page or Follow Me On Twitter for updates!

What are some of the ways you follow your favorite blogs? Also, congrats to Diana for winning the GI Jayne kickboxing DVD! Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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