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one appliance to rule them all

Work has been kind of crazy as of late with me getting transferred to our other location and spending my week bouncing between the two facilities. This was very unexpected and the anxiety from everything is what led me to have a hard time over the past few months.

But now that I’m over there at the new location and settling in, things are getting back to normal and I feel like I’ve gotten some of the control back that I’ve been missing. Switching to Simply Filling has also proven to be one of the best food decisions I ever made (next to signing up for Weight Watchers) and even just two weeks in I can’t see myself going back to strictly Points counting.

One unexpected bonus to the transfer was I got a raise! I decided to buy myself a Congrats on your bump in income gift and it was my mom who suggested the perfect present:

Isn’t it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life?! The color is Pistachio and I knew it would look simply divine next to my vintage cream and red canisters. For years I have wanted a KitchenAid Mixer but could never justify the cost until now. See, I love to bake. Love it. Only I don’t do it very often because it’s a bad idea for me to have homemade baked goods lying around my apartment. So I usually end up giving cookies away which means that on Monday my co-workers loved me because I made two batches over the weekend and brought both kinds in (one is a chocolate peanut butter cookie bar the other oatmeal with a maple glaze).

My apartment has been going through some big changes too in the form of new paint and carpet and I took it as an opportunity to rearrange and purge (this is a big deal because I’m such a pack rat). I ended up with a box full of books that I took to Half-Price Books and traded in for some cook(ie) books!

The oatmeal cookies were from the Martha Stewart book. I was flipping through the recipes and realized I had all of the ingredients so why not? One Girl Cookies also has some cake recipes that sound delish.

At our east location my time is split between two buildings and I spend time at both each day. It’s about a quarter mile distance and I walk whenever possible, usually parking my car at the location where I will end my day. In one of the buildings I’m on the second floor and always opt for the stairs (and not just because the elevator is ridiculously slow). So even with all of this baking at least I’m getting som extra fitness in each day!

Are you a baker? Any favorite recipes? Also, I added this to Monday’s post late but here is a video from Saturday’s race. I’m interviewed around 2:12! 

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

2 thoughts on “one appliance to rule them all”

  1. I Love my kitchen aid mixer! My husband gave it to me when we were dating, and my mom said that is when she knew he was serious. haha. I love apple oatmeal cookies and wheat and oat chocolate chip cookies.


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