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what I love wednesday: psycle spinning

So the morning of Sissy’s wedding, Sissy, her other bridesmaid N., and I joined Papa G. at his gym for good ol’ fashioned sweat fest. Sissy and N. had been there the day before (I was helping my mom and aunt and uncle set up the rehearsal dinner space) and N. had seen the class schedule and noticed they had a spinning class Saturday mornings that fit with when we were going to be there. On the spur of the moment I decided to join her while Sissy and Papa G. headed to the machines.

Oh. Em. Gee.

I had never taken a spinning class before and it seriously kicked my ass. But in that way that makes you think you are a potential masochist because as soon as I got back home after all the wedding festivities I was on the hunt for a local spinning location which is how I discovered Psycle.

They have a 5:30 PM Monday night class that fits perfectly with my work schedule and they offer a $5 first time rider price, so a couple of weeks ago I decided to try it out.

Oh. Em. Gee. Squared.

The class at Papa G.’s gym was basically, well, just spinning. Sometimes sitting, sometimes out of the saddle with inclines and resistence and such. The class at Psycle includes all of that but also adds in a lot of upper body moves, like bracing yourself on the handle bars and doing push ups or side crunches as well as some work with hand weights (which is good, ’cause we all know my bat wings need help), while the speed is dictated by the music with riders peddling to the beat. The instructor, Hallie, is incredibly personable and energetic and sets a good sense of motivation for all of her riders. Lights are kept low or even completely off and Hallie reminds us that this is our time and I take full advantage of that sentiment and really focus on just me and my ride.

To say it is intense is the understatement of the year. There were a lot of out of the saddle moves but I had to sit for about half of them because I just wasn’t strong enough. And my poor one pound hand weights felt like ten. I left that first class a few weeks ago with legs that felt like jello. Just walking down the few steps to the parking lot made me feel like I was going to tumble over. But Hallie did remark that I did a really good job keeping up with everyone.

So, again, showing my true masochistic tendencies, I naturally bought a multi-class pass.

I had to skip last week but I was back again this past Monday. Going in this second time I felt much more confident. I knew how the machines worked and where the seat needed to be set. In fact, as I was setting the bike up, the woman ahead of me came over and asked “Are you Jill?”

Uhhhhh. Pretty sure I gave her the most skeptical and dubious glance as I said yes.

“Hi, I’m Alexa. From Cleveland’s a Plum.”

Ohhhhh! See, this is why I love Cleveland. We’ve been reading each others blogs and doing all the usual social media connections for years so it was great to finally meet her, especially because it was so completely unexpected.

Once again, there was a ton of out of the saddle riding but this time I managed to do all of it without requiring sitting for brief periods. That first class left me feeling exhausted, this time I felt powerful and fit. Those one pound weights only felt like five. (I know how that sounds, but when you’re trying to do all sorts of curls and shit while also keeping balance on the bike and spinning to the fast beat they get very heavy very quickly.)

For my half-marathon prep, Monday is reserved for cross-training and I love that this class includes cardio and strength training, both of which are excellent non-running forms of exercise that runners can benefit from. The time flies by in a way I don’t get from a lot of other activities and I have no doubt that I’ll continue going to the class even after my half is over.

Any other spinners out there?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

3 thoughts on “what I love wednesday: psycle spinning”

  1. I've never tried a spin class but that psycle on sounds incredible – the best of both worlds!!!
    Very cool that you met one of your local blog friends.


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