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this is where things get interesting {half training}

I’m nearing the end of week two of my half-marathon training. I had to skip spinning class on Monday because of a work thing and I really missed it! I’ve also found a new route for the weekday runs which for the next month or so is 3 miles two mornings week. The route I had been using was 1.5 miles in one direction, turn around and come back. It got the job done by at 6:30 in the morning man that first 1.5 miles of straight straight road ahead seemed sooooo long. This new route kind of winds a bit in half mile increments and goes over the Detroit-Superior Bridge which is fun.

I realize this is entirely psychological. 1.5 miles is 1.5 miles regardless of how it is laid out on a map but still.

Who doesn’t love checking things off?

In a little bit I’ll be heading out to Edgewater Park for today’s long run, which is five miles. This is a distance I have only ever run in races as will be next week’s six miles. After that is when I start venturing into the world of unknown distances.

Up until this point I’ve  been running distances I’m comfortable with. Distances I’ve not only conquered before but conquer on a fairly regular basis. Three miles? Puhleaze. These first two weeks have felt, dare I say, easy because of that. But now shit is about to get real. Now is where the challenge of training really begins and I’ll admit it’s a little daunting. Like, 13.1 miles? Am I crazy?

I know I can do it. Or at least I will be able to do it after I’m done training. I just have to stay focused and remember why I want to run those 13.1 miles. Why I want to be able to say I’ve completed a half-marathon. Why it is so very important to keep challenging and surprising myself with what I can do.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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